Radical Leftist Group Solicits Funds for Advertisements Targeting Conservative Events

People say the Republicans are the “Party of the Stupid.” In many cases, this has been shown to be true. But this particular story demonstrates that this moniker just might be better suited for the Left. A radical leftist organization recently sent an email to its supporters asking for donations that would go toward – wait for it – trolling conservative events.


The email, which was sent by MoveOn.org, a left-wing activist group, began by claiming, “Top GOP leaders have just launched a conspiracy-fueled summer speaking tour, and we need to fight back against the outrageous and downright dangerous lies they are planning to spread across the country.”

The group continued, stating that:

Marjorie Taylor Greene, Matt Gaetz, Louie Gohmert, and Donald Trump himself are all taking the Big Lie on the road, holding rallies around the country claiming once again that Trump really won the election, spreading disinformation about the COVID-19 pandemic and vaccines, showing support for the violent extremists who attempted a coup on January 6, and spewing racist bile—all to rally their base and expand their power within the Republican Party.

The email recalls how former Trump adviser Michael Flynn recently suggested that a Myanmar-style coup should occur in the United States. “We cannot let these disgusting, violent lies go unanswered. Which is why MoveOn is springing into action,” the email declares. (See: Michael Flynn Calls for Myanmar-Style Coup Because Why Not?)

And how, exactly, is MoveOn planning to derail these dastardly devils? According to the email, MoveOn is “hiring planes to fly over Michael Flynn’s events carrying banners reading ‘Sedition is un-American #TraitorFlynn,’ and we want to expand our campaign to include more aerial banners and billboards near other GOP-led rallies this summer and beyond, including at Trump’s own speeches.”


I’ll give you a second to stop laughing.

The organization goes on to request that the reader donate $5 per month to fund the banners and billboards. The group also wrote:

The lies and conspiracy theories these Trump-obsessed Republicans are spreading may seem ridiculous, but don’t be fooled: They have become the dominant ideology of the Republican Party, and if we do not stay vigilant, people like Greene and Flynn will be able to expand their power and push their radical agenda even further.

We cannot afford to wait a single second to fight back. We need to stop Trump in his tracks NOW and prevent other GOP extremists like Greene and Flynn from expanding their reach.

Let’s get this straight. The Biden administration is already shaping up to be a disastrous failure. He caused a migrant crisis that is overwhelming our border enforcement authorities. Jobless numbers have not recovered as quickly as the president indicated they would. The White House is all but certainly failing to reach its vaccination goals by the Fourth of July.

To make matters worse, the Democrats are all but certain to fail at pushing through their radical agenda despite controlling both chambers of Congress. Currently, they are trying to abolish the filibuster so they can impose the Voting Rights Act, which would grant federal control over elections. Moreover, the president is pushing a radical anti-gun and open borders agenda. None of these are likely to pass, thanks to Sens. Kyrsten Sinema (D-AZ), Joe Manchin (D-WV) and other moderates.


In light of all this, the best these people could come up with was a Banners & Billboards offensive? Are they expecting attendees of Trump rallies to see their message in the sky and instantly become purple-haired virtue-signaling socialists? The very idea is absurd, and the notion that they are asking their members to contribute to this Quixotic endeavor is mind-boggling at best.

But I suppose we can’t be too mad. After all, if these people want to waste their money on pursuits that will bear no fruit, who are we to stop them?


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