Quisha King Slams Rep. Ilhan Omar for Lying about Critical Race Theory


If you have been paying attention to the debate over Critical Race Theory (CRT) in America’s classrooms, you know that mothers all across the nation are pushing back against the hard left’s attempts to infuse the country’s education with “woke” theology. Quisha King, who recently experienced viral stardom after footage emerged showing her speaking out against CRT at a Florida school board meeting, criticized Rep. Ilhan Omar (D-MN) for making dishonest remarks about conservative reactions to the ideology.


On Saturday, Omar posted a tweet accusing Republicans of “spinning false narratives.

She wrote:

“Republicans love to create outrage over things that aren’t actually happening. People should be asking them, what elementary, middle and high school is teaching Critical Race Theory and why they are spinning false narratives.”

In an appearance on “Fox & Friends,” King, a political consultant and division co-chair for Moms for Liberty, explained that the concerns that many on the right have are not unfounded:

“I’ve heard it with my own ears from my daughter’s classroom, so I’m not sure where Representative Omar is getting her information from, but maybe she should, you know, talk to some of us parents and see what we’re actually finding.”

King continued, recalling how she learned about CRT being taught in her daughter’s school. She said:

So I heard my daughter’s teacher, she brought in several books that they were going to talk about, which is great, and some of them had some racial themes in them, which is fine, you know. Yeah, let’s have those conversations. However, when she started to explore those books, she started to break them down into their different groups and ask them by group their grievances, basically. And this is an outworking of critical race theory.


The mother emphasized the reality that teachers aren’t explicitly telling students they’re being taught critical race theory in the same way they’re told when it’s time to focus on science or math, noting:

“It is not that they are, you know, opening up books and saying, OK, class, let’s open up our critical race theory.”

However, King pointed out that much of the Marxist teachings in these classrooms are “an outworking of critical race theory that is being woven into official curriculum.”

To put it another way, many teachers are teaching elements of Critical Race Theory without actually teaching the entire theory itself. Indeed, the material written by critical race theorists would not be easily distilled into a format that children can comprehend. However, this does not mean the ideas and tenets cannot be presented to students.

King indicated that she has no problem with teaching about history and racism in America. However, she believed that the accomplishments of black Americans should also be emphasized:

“And let’s talk about the success of black Americans in our contribution contributions to this wonderful American society. Those things are important. We want all of those things to be taught, the good, the bad, the ugly.”


King further explained that CRT does not focus on the successes of the black community despite the impact of racism. She said:

That’s not what critical race theory is. Critical race theory is much more dangerous. It is teaching children that if you are white, heterosexual, male, able-bodied, if you fall into that category, you’re automatically deemed an oppressor. If you are anything other than that, you are automatically oppressed.

The mother also observed that if parents don’t push back, the left “will continue to press this upon our children.” She said that proponents of CRT “poked the wrong people when it comes to our mama bears, because when you mess with our kids, you have gone too far.”

King’s comments reflect the attitudes of many on the right, and even on the left, who are not in favor of the type of teaching the left is pushing in classrooms, in many cases, without parents’ knowledge. A New Jersey high school English teacher recently resigned from her position because the administration increasingly emphasized CRT and woke theology in its curriculum. In one instance, they segregated light-skinned teachers and even threatened to fire and replace them with minority educators.

More and more stories like these have been cropping up recently, which might explain the uproar coming from many parents. The activities on the ground have been encouraging and has, in a way, prompted a focus more on local politics. Hopefully, conservatives will mount an effective messaging strategy against CRT to prevent the hard left from changing minds on the topic. Otherwise, we might see the nation move further towards socialism in the years to come.



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