Ilhan Omar May Have Accidentally Given a Glimpse of What the Democrats Are Planning

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Rep. Ilhan Omar (D-MN) may have just let the cat out of the bag. On Wednesday, she announced that she would be introducing a bill to implement universal basic income (UBI). On the surface, it sounds like the usual, far-left claptrap, but given what has been happening over the past year, could this move have been part of an overall plot?


“This Congress, I’ll be introducing a UBI pilot program to get money in people’s pockets,” Omar tweeted, responding to an article in the Minnesota Star Tribune regarding Minneapolis Mayor Jacob Frey’s plan to enact a pilot UBI plan in the city. The mayor plans to give $500 per month to about 200 low-income families for the next two years, to test the efficacy of the idea.

“This is long overdue,” Omar wrote. “Next step: Implementing UBI nationwide.”

Again, nothing surprising here, right? After all, it was former presidential candidate Andrew Yang that made the UBI idea popular last year. Since then, several high-profile leftists have touted the idea as a way to help low-income Americans.

Congress recently passed President Joe Biden’s American Rescue Plan, which is ostensibly designed to assist Americans suffering financial hardships because of the COVID-19 pandemic — and the lockdown orders that followed. However, many are blaming the expanded unemployment benefits in the plan for the massive hiring shortage the country is currently experiencing.


Indeed, the number of jobless claims are decreasing at a much slower rate than what the Biden administration has projected. The president has denied the assertion that the expanded unemployment and welfare provisions in the plan are the reason for the lack of jobs, claiming that the issue is the fact that schools have not yet reopened.

The National Review’s Zachary Evans noted: “The April jobs report showed an increase of 266,000 jobs, roughly 800,000 jobs short of economists’ projections. While Republicans have cited enhanced federal unemployment benefits as contributing to workers’ reticence to fill the millions of open positions, Biden denied that this was the case.”

The coronavirus relief bill gives $300 in federal unemployment benefits per week. Americans can receive these payments until September 6, assuming that the Biden administration does not choose to extend them further.

The National Review piece quotes Sen. Ben Sasse (R-NE) as slamming the legislation. “We should be clear about the policy failure at work here: There are 7,400,000 jobs open in the U.S. — but fewer than 3,000,000 found work last month,” he pointed out in a statement. “Why? This tragedy is what happens when Washington know-it-all’s decide to pretend they’re generous by paying more for unemployment than for work.”


But, what if this was, as Heath Ledger’s Joker said, “all part of the plan”?

Is it possible that Biden and his merry band of Democratic lawmakers were pushing these enhanced benefits, which has clearly incentivized people not to return to work, to pave the way for universal basic income? It does seem a bit interesting that Omar is unveiling her plan at this moment, doesn’t it?

We already know that the Democrats wish to have as many Americans dependent on the government as possible. UBI would be one of the most effective means to accomplish this, would it not?

Even if I take off my tinfoil hat, it is still evident that the Democrats are pushing forward with the radical agenda they want to push through while they have control of the White House and both chambers of Congress. The question is: Will they be able to pass such a piece of legislation before the Republicans oust them in 2022?


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