VIDEO: Brandon Tatum Gets It Wrong About Tulsa Massacre

This week, the nation commemorated the 100th anniversary of the massacre of black Americans at the Greenwood district of Tulsa, Oklahoma. This tragedy, which had been mostly forgotten by most of the country, has gained more attention over the past few years, especially as more details emerge regarding those who were killed in the conflict.


Predictably, the hard left is exploiting the atrocity for their own benefit, using it to further their claim that America is an irredeemably racist nation. However, some on the right have taken the peculiar approach of trying to downplay the event, suggesting that it was not quite as abhorrent as many believe.

Right-leaning commentator Brandon Tatum published a video titled, “1921 Tulsa Massacre WAS A BIG LIE” on YouTube in which he made some rather interesting claims about the incident. Unfortunately, many of the claims he made in the video were inaccurate and some were outright deceptive.

So I published my video response below:


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