Jeff Charles Debates Biden's American Families Plan on Fox Soul

Jeff Charles participates in panel on the "Tammi Mac Show" on Fox Soul about the American Families Plan

I recently had the pleasure of participating in a panel on the “Tammi Mac Show” on Fox Soul. I appeared with Epoch Times contributor Adrian Norman, radio talk show host Mo’ Kelly, and activist Josephine Kalipeni.


President Joe Biden’s American Families Plan was announced in April when he addressed Congress. The proposed legislation is ostensibly designed to help American families by providing extended COVID unemployment benefits, free preschool and community college, paid family leave, and a host of other measures.

Norman and I both argued that Biden’s plan was an unnecessary expansion of the federal government that gives the state far too much involvement in the lives of everyday Americans. In the case of “free” community college, along with other provisions, we pointed out that most of the $1.8 trillion the plan would cost would go towards endeavors that won’t provide the benefits it promises.

However, Kelly made a point worth acknowledging: The Republican Party is not offering any alternatives to Biden’s plan and seems only intent on saying “no,” which is a mistake politically. If the right wishes to persuade Americans not to embrace such a sweeping plan that increases the size of the government, it will need to put forth solutions that rely more on free markets and other conservative principles instead of only criticizing Biden’s proposals. Victory will only come when Republicans focus more on offering competing ideas than on fixating on how horrible the president’s ideas are.


As I have said previously, conservatives will only start winning in the culture and in government, when they move from being the party of opposition to the party of competition.


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