Wokies Push for Black Superman Instead of Actually Elevating a Black Superhero

In the latest episode of “Progressives pretend to care about black people,” we have a rather peculiar attempt to push for black representation in superhero movies. Instead of creating new African American characters or elevating black heroes that already exist, they are doing what one could have seen coming from light-years away.


They’re making a black Superman movie, y’all.

No, they are not creating a new Kryptonian who happens to be black. They are not endowing a black character with Superman’s power. They are literally making Kal-El, also known as Clark Kent, into a black man because that, dear reader, is how you deal with the lack of diverse characters in comic books and film.

ScreenRant, a popular film website, reported: “DC’s in-development Superman reboot, which will feature a Black actor as the iconic hero, will reportedly keep the character’s comics origin story.”

The author added: “Despite fans calling for another Superman movie starring Cavill, Warner Bros. is opting to move in an entirely new direction.”

But wait, it gets better.

Author and professional race-baiter Ta-Nehisi Coates has been tapped to write the script. Yes, the same guy who wrote a comic comparing professor and author Jordan Peterson to the Red Skull, a Nazi supervillain who is also Captain America’s arch-nemesis. Peterson had an apt response:

The African American Kryptonian has not been cast yet, but ScreenRant reported that “the rumored frontrunner was Michael B. Jordan, though he remained mum on the topic when asked about it recently.”

When the news first broke regarding this project, the exact nature of the portrayal of the character wasn’t known, but now there are signs that the production will feature Kal-El as a black man.


From ScreenRant:

Some new details about DC’s Superman reboot have emerged courtesy of THR. According to sources familiar with the project, Coates is currently crafting a Superman in the vein of the original comics (and still named Kal-El), and that he’ll maintain his Kryptonian origins. It’s acknowledged that these details might change, particularly since the script isn’t due until mid-December. Additionally, the concept of the movie being 20th century period piece is being considered.

They added:

There have been examples of a Black Superman in the comics, such as Calvin Ellis and Val-Zod. Both of these characters also hail from Krypton, but the reported details of the DC reboot indicates Coates is sticking to the original Superman. Naturally, the original announcement was met with some pushback, but as the Kryptonians are an alien race, there really is nothing that says Superman has to be white.

It also appears the film might try to tackle two woke issues at once. “In centering a Black man in Kal-El’s immigrant origins, this Superman project has the potential to say something truly meaningful,” ScreenRant noted.

Race bending has been an annoying phenomenon in film and comics recently. In some cases changing the race of a lesser-known character might not be as big of an issue, but altering a character who is as iconic as Superman in this fashion in the name of social justice is just more mindless pandering coming from the hard left. If they truly wanted to promote more black representation in these films, they would focus on less popular characters who happen to be black and bring them to the silver screen.


In fact, there is already a compelling black character that more than deserves his own movie. His name: Icon. He is a superhero whose powers rival that of Kal-El and his backstory is just as interesting. Icon, whose real name is Arnus, is an alien who hails from the planet Terminus. DC Fandom describes his origin story:

Arnus of Terminus is a marooned alien negotiator. After crashing in the Deep South in 1839, he worked himself up from slave to Union soldier to lawyer and was involved in much of Black history. He developed the persona of Augustus Freeman, posing as his own son four times. When he met young Raquel, she convinced him to become a superhero, an Icon for the black community of Dakota City.

The website also describes him as “a very intelligent, somewhat stiff kind of person” and notes that, “due to his upper-class job as a big-time lawyer and ‘proper’ way of speaking; is often criticized as being a ‘sell out’ or ‘whitewashed.’

Even more interesting, Augustus Freeman is also a staunch conservative Republican, which explains why the woke crowd would never dare to acknowledge his existence. In fact, Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas is a fan.

If you’re a comic nerd who hasn’t heard of Icon, the following video will tell you more:

Icon possesses many of the same powers as Superman including flight, super strength, super speed, and super agility. In fact, “at one point, he punched Superman out of the Watchtower 50ft into space. Later, Superman admitted that nobody including Darkseid ever hit him that hard,” according to DC Fandom.


A film about Icon would promote a black character that most don’t know about without having to just piggyback off an already-established white character. It would introduce a new generation to a black superhero who has been overlooked for years. They wouldn’t even have to include his politics in the film.

But, of course, this is not what the wokies want because they are not serious about what they preach. They would rather give Clark Kent a fan than elevate a character that has nothing in common with Rachel Dolezal.


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