‘The View’ Takes Issue With Don Lemon Making a Reasonable Point on Ohio Police Shooting

(Lou Rocco/ABC via AP)

Ever notice how the people who know the least about firearm use and policing tend to scream the loudest on these subjects? Speaking of screaming, have you ever noticed that the hosts of “The View” become even more shrill when they are discussing a topic on which they have no knowledge?


On Thursday, the ladies of “The View” were doing their part to exploit the shooting of Ma’Khia Bryant, a 15-year-old black teenager who was killed when she attempted to stab another girl with a knife. But instead of engaging in their usual “all cops are bastards” schtick, they directed their anger toward CNN media activist Don Lemon, who recently made some uncharacteristically sensible remarks on the shooting. (See: People Are Legit Shook After Powerfully Responsible Lemon/Cuomo Segment on Columbus Police Shooting)

Lemon urged his viewers not to “abandon the responsibility to be fair” regarding incidents like these. “When I look at this video, I see police responding to a dangerous incident where someone is armed with a knife,” he said. “Police have walked up on a situation they need to figure out what’s happening. Other lives are in danger.”

“If we’re going to discuss this case, we need to be honest and use our common sense,” he added. “We cannot have a double standard. We have to acknowledge that police have jobs to do.”

Apparently, that level of rationality was too much for the co-hosts to handle. Noted police misconduct expert Joy Behar revealed that she and Lemon had a conversation over text messages about the shooting, in which Lemon stated the officer had “no choice” but to shoot Bryant.


“I don’t know if that’s true or not,” Behar said. “I really can’t figure it out anymore.”

However, her lack of knowledge about the encounter did not stop her from further displaying her expertise on the matter. She suggested that the officer could have shot his gun “in the air” or “in the leg” or used his taser.

“If the only solution is to kill a teenager, there’s something wrong with this,” Behar insisted. “There’s something very, very wrong with the way that these things are being conducted. Even if the cop had to do it, there’s something wrong with it.”

Co-host Sunny Hostin concurred with Behar, arguing that he “is wrong here” She said:

My question is, you know, why is deadly force always the first order of business, and especially the first order of business when it comes to Black and Brown people in this country? … We shouldn’t live in a country, quite frankly, where it’s acceptable for the police to shoot a 16-year-old four times in the chest over a fight. It goes from zero to execution very, very quickly when there is a Black or Brown person involved. That is just the truth.

She then claimed Lemon was wrong for comparing Bryant’s shooting to George Floyd’s, intimating that it was more comparable to Kyle Rittenhouse or the gunman who killed eight people at Atlanta massage parlors.


And this, ladies and gentleman, is what happens when you learn everything you know about the police from watching Barney Fife on reruns of “The Andy Griffith Show.” The reality is that none of these women are looking at the situation objectively. If even Don Lemon could see that the officer involved in the Bryant shooting had no other choice, then anyone claiming he did is only beclowning themselves.

But the facts matter not to the ladies of “The View.” What matters to them is the narrative. They don’t care that Bryant would have likely killed another black person, if allowed. They are absolutely okay with black people being murdered, as long as their killing does not involve the police.

As with most hard leftists, they love to use black people to signal their virtue and score cheap political points against the right; But when it comes to looking for solutions, they have better things to do.


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