WATCH: Sonnie Johnson & Kira Davis Dish On Black Conservatives In The Media

WATCH: Sonnie Johnson & Kira Davis Dish On Black Conservatives In The Media


Last Friday I had the privilege of interviewing two powerhouses in the black conservative movement and the conversation was full of truth bombs. Sonnie Johnson, host of “Sonnie’s Corner” on Sirius XM and RedState’s own Kira Davis, also the host of the “Just Listen To Yourself” podcast dropped by my YouTube channel to talk about their careers in conservative media and how the conservative movement must proceed if they wish to win over black voters.

Now, given the fact that I put two of the strongest personalities in black conservative media in the same virtual room, it is not hard to imagine that I was barely able to get a word in edgewise – and I would have had it no other way! The discussion ranged from the Tea Party movement all the way to the MAGA movement. They discussed conservative voices that came and went over the evolution of the party.

The conversation also focused on where the black conservative movement is going and what must change if it is to be an effective vehicle through which more black Americans are persuaded to give the Republican Party a shot. The bottom line is that we must see that the status quo must go; it was never effective in the first place. But discussions such as these will help us craft a new messaging strategy that attracts instead of repels. Give it a watch!







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