President Biden Gets Reamed for Using Coronavirus to Virtue Signal and Race-Bait

AP Photo/Patrick Semansky


You would think that the Democrats would have learned by now that trying to pin the rise in anti-Asian hate crimes on conservatives was a failing strategy. But it appears they are slow learners. In the latest in a series of attempts to virtue signal about racism, President Joe Biden added to the chorus of leftist castratos singing their classic hit, “Everything Is Racist.”


On Friday, Biden tweeted a subtle race-baiting criticism at those who reference COVID-19’s country of origin when discussing the pandemic. “Words have consequences. It’s called the coronavirus. Full stop,” he tweeted.

Biden’s tweet was met with a flurry of criticism from right-leaning Twitter users who took issue with his attempt to link their description of the virus to the increase in Asian hate crimes. It was quite a show. Here are some of the tweets:


Despite the fact that the attacks on Asians were largely committed by black people, the hard left is still trying to blame white supremacy and Trump supporters. Even though the shooter who is suspected of killing eight people at three different day spas indicated he was driven by sex addiction, leftists and their close friends and allies in the activist media are still gaslighting the American public by pretending it had something to do with racism.

At this point, it is difficult to believe that anyone other than far-leftists are buying this political swill. Nevertheless, they continue to beclown themselves by weaponizing Asian victims against their political opposition.



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