So-Called Progressives Try To Blame Trump For Atlanta Mass Shooting But Face Disappointment Instead

So-Called Progressives Try To Blame Trump For Atlanta Mass Shooting But Face Disappointment Instead
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They really wanted it to be Trump’s fault, didn’t they? After the news broke regarding a mass shooting at three different spas in Atlanta, far leftists pounced on the story like Eric Swalwell on a Chinese spy. Several high-profile leftists on Twitter hoped speculated that as more information came out, it would be discovered that the shooter was a rabid Trump supporter inspired by the Orange Man to commit murder.

On Tuesday, Robert Aaron Long allegedly shot and killed eight people at three different spa locations in Atlanta. CNN reported that “of those who died, six were Asian and two were White, Cherokee County sheriff’s officials said in a joint news conference with Atlanta police on Wednesday.”

So-called progressives and media activists took to Twitter to blame Trump and conservatives for the homicides, citing the tendency to refer to COVID-19 as the “Chinese flu.” As usual, these individuals decided to weaponize the tragedy before bothering to wait until the facts emerged. Here are some of the tweets:

Unfortunately for them, their glee dissipated after it was revealed that the alleged shooter was not motivated by Trump or any other political figure. To put it simply, leftists did not get the story they wanted.

Cherokee County authorities said on Wednesday that the suspect was motivated by a sex addiction. Long told the authorities that he viewed the spas as a temptation he wished to destroy.

If this information is true, it is clear that Long’s alleged actions had nothing to do with the race of the victims, but with a mental illness. Before this information was discovered, activist media outlets were already pushing the race narrative amid concerns about violence against Asians occurring across the country.

Before this incident, left-leaning media activists were blaming the sporadic attacks on white supremacy despite the fact that most of the people initiating violence were black. Atlanta Mayor Keisha Lance Bottoms said, “we know (violence against Asian Americans) is an issue that’s happening around the country; it is unacceptable, it is hateful, and it has to stop.”

Along with telling investigators the homicides were not racially motivated, he also explained he was planning to go to Florida “perhaps to carry out additional shootings,” according to Bottoms.

“It’s very likely there would have been more victims,” she added.

A former roommate confirmed that Long spent time in a rehabilitation facility for sexual addiction last year during a conversation with CNN.

From CNN:

The roommate, who spoke on condition of anonymity, said he lived with Long for several months in summer 2020 at a transition house for people exiting rehab. He declined to identify the transition house or say which state it was in.

Long didn’t talk about his addiction, the roommate said, but had seemed to be doing better by the time he left the transition house. The roommate said he hadn’t been in contact with Long “in a long time.”

Long seemed to have “self-hatred,” the roommate said.

The roommate also told the outlet that he “never heard him say anything racial.”

Of course, we shouldn’t assume that because their narrative was shattered progressives aren’t still intent on politicizing the story. They are already abandoning the racial narrative and pivoting to gun control because of course they are. Progressives are taking former Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel’s advice to “never let a good crisis go to waste.”

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