Pentagon Will Continue Allowing Progressives to Use National Guard Troops as Political Props

Pentagon Will Continue Allowing Progressives to Use National Guard Troops as Political Props
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According to the Department of Defense’s website, its mission is “to provide the military forces needed to deter war and ensure our nation’s security.” But it appears that it is being rewritten to add: “to serve as an obvious political propaganda tool for cynical Democrats.”

Politico reported on Wednesday that the Pentagon is about to approve the further deployment of National Guard troops at the U.S. Capitol Building, ostensibly because of concerns over another riot similar to what happened on Jan. 6. Despite a deluge of criticism and objections to the continued placement of federal troops at the building, the Defense Department seems intent on having troops remain at the premises.

“The request to extend the deployment met resistance last week, as some governors expressed reluctance or flatly refused to commit their troops to more time in the city. There now appears (sic) to be enough states willing to provide Guard troops for the mission, said the defense officials, who spoke on condition of anonymity to discuss internal deliberations,” according to Politico.

Members of the Army’s leadership questioned whether or not the Capitol Police had exhausted all other options to ensure safety at the building. They suggested using other law enforcement agencies to provide security. However, it appears National Guard troops will remain stationed there for the time being.

Politico reported:

The threat was tied to the far-right conspiracy theory promoted by QAnon supporters that former President Donald Trump would rise again to power on March 4, the original presidential inauguration day. That day passed with no problems, but law enforcement has said threats to buildings and personnel remain.

Let’s get this straight. Shortly after the assault on the Capitol Building, Democrats and their close friends and allies in the activist media insisted that 10,000 troops be deployed for President Joe Biden’s inauguration. After that went off without a hitch, they argued that at least 5,000 soldiers should remain because of unspecified threats.

Then, law enforcement indicated that there could be an attack on March 4th because many in the QAnon nutjob movement, scrambling to come up with an excuse for their predictions not coming true on Biden’s inauguration day, seemed to believe this would be the real date when former President Donald Trump would be sworn into office.

Now, six days after March 4, Biden’s Defense Department still insists that unspecified threats are still looming over the Capitol. Even worse, this threat is so potentially devastating, we need twice the number of troops currently stationed in Afghanistan to protect the building.

At what point do more Americans see this stunt for what it is? It is clearly a ploy to further villainize the right. Since the riots occurred, the left has worked around the clock to make it seem as if most conservatives are in alignment with those who stormed the building. Insisting on having U.S. soldiers occupying the area to this degree is nothing more than a tactic to convince the public that Trump supporters are dangerous.

I have no doubt that federal authorities have identified potential threats. But I am not convinced that the threats rise to the level they wish us to believe. Maintaining this number of troops in the area seems to be intended more to inspire fear than to actually safeguard lives. It is exactly what the left would be saying if Antifa had stormed the Capitol under Trump and he took similar measures.

Still, this further shows that the left is willing to go to certain extremes, if it means scoring cheap political points. They are willing to subject members of the Guard to ridiculous conditions like resting in parking garages and being given undercooked and moldy food, if they believe it will help their cause. How long will it be before enough governors refuse to send troops for this propaganda campaign to put an end to it?

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