John Matze Says He Has Been Terminated As CEO of Parler



Social media company Parler has fired CEO John Matze, according to a memo he sent to employees. The announcement comes weeks after the free speech site was deplatformed by Big Tech ostensibly in response to the riots at the U.S. Capitol building on Jan. 6.


“On January 29, 2021, the Parler board controlled by Rebekah Mercer decided to immediately terminate my position as CEO of Parler. I did not participate in this decision,” he wrote. “I understand that those who now control the company have made some communications to employees and other third parties that have unfortunately created confusion and prompted me to make this public statement.”

The former CEO indicated that he has been met with “constant resistance” to his vision for the company after Amazon Web Services’ decision to stop hosting its site. The tech giant claims they made this move due to concerns over incitement to violence and Parler’s supposed failure to moderate “egregious content.”

In the memo, Matze wrote, “Over the past few months, I’ve met constant resistance to my product vision, my strong belief in free speech and my view of how the Parler site should be managed. For example, I advocated for more product stability and what I believe is a more effective approach to content moderation.”

Conservatives had been flocking to the social media platform over the past few years as a result of the biased censorship practices implemented by other companies like Twitter and Facebook. Last month, Twitter did a mass purge of conservative-leaning accounts, using the Capitol riots as an excuse.

“Parler has been down since Amazon Web Services cut it off and was expected to relaunch before the beginning of February but things were delayed,” according to Fox Business. “A Parler insider told Fox News the delay was caused by new branding and changes occurring within the company for the sake of stability.”


Matze did not go into detail regarding the reasons for his termination. In the memo, he told Parler employees that he would be taking a few weeks off before moving on to his next endeavor.

“After that, I’ll be looking for new opportunities where my technical acumen, vision and the causes I am passionate about will be required and respected,” he wrote. “I want to thank all the people of Parler that supported me and the platform. This has been the true American Dream: an idea from a living room to a company of considerable value. I’m not saying goodbye, just so long for now.”

Matze’s departure will likely leave many speculating about the future direction of Parler. After the ordeal they experienced in January, they might be looking for ways to ensure that their platform remains safe from attacks from anti-free speech leftists. But now that they have a new hosting service, one that the left can’t touch, it seems that even with new leadership, Parler will be back soon.


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