LISTEN: The Capitol Riots Have Ignited the Free Speech Wars

AP Photo/Andrew Harnik

Introducing the very first episode of the Breaking Conservatarian Podcast with yours truly!

This will be my first audio-only episode that will accompany the interviews I do on the Breaking Conservatarian YouTube channel.

In this episode, I first discuss the Georgia Senate runoff races. It’s a story that was overshadowed the next day by the riots at the US Capitol building, but it is worth discussing and contemplating. I talk about what I think went wrong in that race and what the GOP can do to turn it around during the next election season.

Of course, I also delve into the fallout from the assault on the Capitol building, as well, and give my thoughts on what needs to happen with the conservative movement going forward.

Finally, I outline the various methods the Democrats and activist media are using to suppress conservative thought on the internet and elsewhere. This topic will be especially important over the next few years because their recent efforts to silence right-leaning opinions is only the beginning.

The bottom line is that people on the far-left care nothing about the marketplace of ideas and find it easier to simply squelch our voices instead of engaging us in debate. In this episode, I talk about how conservatives have subverted leftists’ attempts to gain supremacy over political discourse in the past and how we can do so today.

Let me know what you think, and please share and subscribe!

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