MyPillow CEO Meets With Trump To Push For Martial Law

Photo courtesy of Mike Lindell


MyPillow CEO and Trump superfan Mike Lindell visited the White House to meet with the president on Friday and made quite a splash when a news outlet got a picture of his notes. The documents he was carrying gave a preview of what he would bring up to Trump, and yes, it’s about as ridiculous as can be expected.


The Washington Examiner reported:

MyPillow CEO Mike Lindell visited the West Wing on Friday, with notes in hand, hours after he suggested President Trump could be in office for another four years.

As Lindell waited outside, he declined to answer questions at the becoming of reporters, according to a press pool report. ‘I’m sure you’ll write something nice,’ he said.

The White House pool reporter noted that at 3 p.m., when Lindell came to visit, a U.S. Marine appeared outside the West Wing, signaling that Trump was in the Oval Office.

Lindell told The Examiner that he met with Trump for about 10 minutes. A Washington Post reporter photographed a portion of his notes as he walked to the White House. It showed that he spoke with Trump about how he could “trigger emergency powers” and impose “martial law if necessary.”

“The notes also say, ‘Move Kash Patel to CIA Acting,’ appearing to refer to Kash Patel, who serves as chief of staff to acting Defense Secretary Chris Miller and is a former aide to House Intelligence Committee ranking member Devin Nunes, and mention pro-Trump attorney Sidney Powell,” according to The Examiner.


The CEO told The Examiner that he did not write the memo that was photographed and denied that the words “martial law” appeared in the document. “I didn’t write that. That was an attorney,” he insisted. “I was just a messenger. And I just delivered that.”

Earlier on Friday, Lindell took to Facebook to tell his followers, “Keep the faith everyone! We will have our president Donald Trump 4 more years!”

Lindell, along with pro-Trump attorney Lin Wood, former National Security Adviser Mike Flynn, and Kraken lawyer Sidney Powell have all publicly urged Trump to impose martial law to overturn the presidential election results. The president and his aides have reportedly refused to entertain such an idea.


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