Barr: ‘No Reason’ to Appoint Special Counsel in Hunter Biden Investigation

In a move that is sure to frustrate many on the right, Attorney General William Barr announced that he would not be appointing a special counsel to investigate Joe Biden’s son, Hunter. Only weeks after it was revealed that the Justice Department is investigating the younger Biden for his business dealings and tax issues, it appears that the attorney general will not take further action in the matter.


During what will likely be his final press conference before he leaves the Justice Department, Barr explained that he did not believe it is necessary to appoint a special counsel to look into Hunter Biden. When asked about the matter, he responded:

“I think that to the extent that there is an investigation, I think that it is being handled responsibly and professionally currently within the department, and to this point I have not seen a reason to appoint a special counsel and I have no plan to do so before I leave.”

The attorney general also addressed those recommending that the federal government should enact martial law and have the military seize the voting machines that were used in the presidential election in an effort to overturn the results. “I see no basis now for seizure machines by the federal government — you know, a wholesale seizure of machines by the federal government,” he said.

Former National Security Adviser Michael Flynn and pro-Trump attorney Sidney Powell recently repeated calls for military action in the election. The New York Times reported that the issue was raised during a recent meeting with the president, implying that Trump was considering taking this type of action. But the president quickly shot that narrative down on Twitter the next day.

Barr also discussed the election fraud issue and reaffirmed his position that so far, the DOJ had not uncovered evidence of enough fraudulent votes to swing the election to Joe Biden. He said:

“Let me just say that there is fraud unfortunately in most elections and we are too tolerant of it, but I was commenting on the extent to which we have looked at suggestions or allegations of systemic or broad-based fraud that would affect the outcome of the election, and I’ve already spoken to that and I stand by that statement.”


The attorney general did say that he hoped Biden would allow special counsel John Durham, who is investigating the origins of the Russia interference probe, to complete his work.

“Before the election, as you know, I designated John Durham as a special counsel because I wanted to provide him and his team with assurance that they’d be able to finish their work, and they’re making good progress now, and I expect they will be able to finish their work,” Barr said.

President Trump has reportedly been pushing for the appointment of a special counsel to investigate Joe Biden’s son. He lashed out at the attorney general earlier this month, calling him a “big disappointment.”

The former vice president claims that he is “confident” that Hunter has not been involved in any illegal activity. He also stated that he has not talked about his son’s case with any of the candidates he is considering for attorney general.

There can be no doubt that Barr’s decision not to appoint a special counsel in Hunter Biden’s case will raise the ire of many on the conservative side, who are rightly concerned that the elder Biden will use his position to protect his son from potential prosecution. It seems likely that he will interfere in the investigation. It was one of the reasons why so many approved of Barr’s decision to make Durham a special counsel.

But it is worth noting that while appointing a special counsel might make it more difficult for Biden to scuttle the investigation by firing the individual tasked with conducting the probe, it is still not impossible. Even if the attorney general appoints a special counsel to look into Hunter Biden, his father can come up with a reason to put the inquiry to an end. The activists in the corporate press will definitely downplay, suppress, and spin the story in an attempt to protect Biden.


However, not even the activist media will be able to prevent the American public from noticing an act of corruption this brazen. Only those already firmly on the left would be willing to give Joe Biden a pass if he used his position to prevent the authorities from investigating his son. Either way, it would cause tremendous political damage to his administration. However, if he is only looking to serve one term, will it really matter?


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