Michael Flynn Calls for 'Limited' Martial Law to Force a New Election

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Michael Flynn has received a pardon from Donald Trump, and he’s taking full advantage of no longer having a corrupt legal proceeding hanging over his head. Flynn has involved himself in Sidney Powell’s “We the People” group, which also includes Lin Wood. Wood was attacked directly by the Trump campaign last night for telling Republicans not to vote in the Georgia Senate run-offs.


Now, Flynn is having a “hold my beer” moment.

I’d encourage you to click the link to get the full scope of what is said. This group wants “limited martial law” to force a new election only held with paper ballots. They use Abraham Lincoln as  a precedent, including his arresting of Congressional members and shutting down of news organizations. This might be a clue as to why the Trump campaign stopped associating with Sidney Powell and Lin Wood.

Instead of just lamenting how stupid all this is, let’s actually game it out. What happens if Trump declares martial law and demands a new election held in a way he prescribes? Again, forget the fact that Trump himself wouldn’t do that and that he’s disassociated from the people calling for it. How would doing what Flynn wants work out? The first clue should be that our election system is not federalized. Every state would simply refuse to hold new elections. And when I say every state, I mean every single one, down to the reddest of the red. No one would go along with it. The military would also scoff at the idea of enforcing any such order. Come inauguration day Trump would be removed, willingly or non-willing, and none of this fantasy would lead to anything but destroying Trump’s legacy of success and any chance of coming back in 2024 (which he’s rumored to have his eyes on).


Does that sound smart to you? Does it sound like it’d accomplish anything at all? There have to be lines. If there’s proof of voter fraud on a scale to have tipped the election, show it and go win in court. Affidavits from crazy people like the woman in Michigan yesterday were never going to be the proof needed. This is turning into a circus, and I’m all for a circus if it’s actually worth the show. But none of what is happening is leading anywhere except enriching people like the “We the People Convention.”

And don’t be fooled. These people want the GOP to lose these Senate run-offs because then they can claim fraud again and make even more money. At some point, everyone needs to look in the mirror and ask themselves how far down the rabbit hole they are willing to go with this, and why Trump himself isn’t even willing to follow.

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