Ghislaine Maxwell To Ask Court To Grant Bail And Admit She Is Married

Chris Ison/PA via AP, File


In the next episode of the Ghislaine Maxwell saga, the socialite will ask the court for a $25 million bail package in hopes of being freed from her Brooklyn prison. She will also unveil the fact that she is a married woman. 

The alleged Jeffrey Epstein accomplice will appear in court in the next few days to try to persuade a judge to grant her freedom before Christmas. The Telegraph reported, “friends of Ms Maxwell have accused the US authorities of ‘demonising’ Ms Maxwell to cover up their ‘incompetence and embarrassment’ over the death of her former partner Jeffrey Epstein, who was found hanged in his cell last year while awaiting child sex charges.”

Maxwell’s husband, Scott Borgerson, is a 44-year-old tech entrepreneur. He and his wife will propose a bail bond of about $25 million as security. The couple will forfeit the funds if Maxwell attempts to jump bail. 

Borgerson is not the only person trying to obtain a bail bond for Maxwell. According to The Telegraph:

“Ms Maxwell’s siblings, including her brothers Kevin and Ian Maxwell, have agreed to post a further $5 million in bail guarantees. A private security company stands to lose an additional $1 million if Ms Maxwell evades its surveillance. Ms Maxwell wants to be bailed under a form of house arrest, in which she will also wear an electronic tag.”

A friend of the couple told The Telegraph that Maxwell is willing to forfeit any right to prevent her from being extradited from France, given that she has a French passport. She hopes to convince the court that she is not intent on fleeing but is willing to face trial. 

Currently, the 58-year-old accused accomplice to Jeffrey Epstein is being kept in a Brooklyn detention center in solitary confinement. Prison staff checks on her every 15 minutes, even while she sleeps to ensure that she does not commit suicide. Her attorneys have asserted that she is treated worse than terrorists and murderers and has lost 15 lbs since her incarceration. 

Maxwell was arrested in July in a dawn raid by the F.B.I. at her home in New Hampshire. She has been charged with enticement of minors, sex trafficking, and perjury related to her association with Epstein. This is not the first time she has requested bail. A judge denied her first request explaining that she poses a flight risk and citing the fact that France does not extradite its citizens. 

The socialite’s trial is set to begin next year. While she is attempting to make bail, it seems unlikely that her request will be granted despite the amount of money that is being offered. These are funds that she might be willing to sacrifice if it means she can escape convictions by fleeing to Europe. For the time being, it appears the accused will likely remain in detention.


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