Facebook Threatens Comedian JP Sears With Deplatforming Over COVID-19 Content

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The censorship brigade at Facebook is still doing their thing. This time, they are targeting comedian JP Sears, accusing him of violating their community standards because he is refusing to toe the far-left line on the coronavirus pandemic. 


On the most recent episode of his podcast, which is called “Awaken With JP,” Sears discussed a message he received from Facebook threatening to take down his page. He read the message during the recording: “Your page is at risk of being unpublished because of continued community standards violations. That means they’re on the verge of de-platforming me. Look into it now, I know what they’re unhappy about.”

Sears explained why he believes Facebook is trying to censor him. He said:

“I, of course, don’t speak what I would call the propaganda narrative about covid and the pandemic. One hundred percent don’t. I will and always will speak the truth as I see it. So I know what they’re in a fuss about. And they’re they and others are very much into silencing any alternative viewpoints other than the mainstream narrative propaganda about what’s happening in our world today.”

The comedian discussed the possibility that he might lose his platform on Facebook, vowing that he would give in to the company’s demands. “I can look and see what the truth is, according to the fact-checkers, then I can publish a correction to my Facebook page, to my audience on Facebook” he said.


He added: 

“Will I do that? F*ck, no. Now, that would be the most disrespectful thing I could possibly do to anyone who is watching my stuff for one, either comedy at the very least or two for inspiration, information. I won’t bow down out of fear and lie to my audience and say, you know how I’ve been highlighting how these fact-checkers are fraudulently calling opinions false just because they don’t meet the mainstream narrative?”

Social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter have been on the warpath against those who express views that do not jibe with the various narratives that progressives want to peddle. COVID-19 is one of the subjects that the social media censors have been trying to control. 

If a person has a platform as big as Sears’ and they are not pushing all-out hysteria over the coronavirus and advocating for onerous restrictions and lockdown orders, Facebook won’t be too happy about it. The fact that the comedian has created several videos mocking the left’s response to the pandemic would easily place him in the company’s crosshairs. 

Here is his latest:


The more that the leftists at Facebook and other companies escalate their efforts to suppress views that are not approved by the church of progressivism, the more fierce the battle will get. Despite the false concern of the corporate press, many, including Sears, are migrating to Parler to avoid the censorship issue. 

If the left doesn’t want to stop its unfair and biased suppression of conservative opinions, it will only result in more echo chambers and possible legislation. But it appears that these individuals have no intention of enforcing their rules consistently, the battle will only get worse. 


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