Trump Supporter Who Donated $2.5 Million To Combat Election Fraud Looking For A Refund

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A supporter of President Trump who gave $2.5 million towards the effort to expose and prove claims of fraud in the presidential election is now trying to get his money back. After seeing what he believes are “disappointing results,” he has filed a lawsuit for remuneration. 

The Guardian reported that, “Fredric Eshelman, a businessman from North Carolina, said he gave the money to True the Vote, a pro-Trump ‘election ethics’ group in Texas that promised to file lawsuits in seven swing states as part of its push to ‘investigate, litigate, and expose suspected illegal balloting and fraud in the 2020 general election.’”

Eshelman’s lawsuit alleges that True the Vote halted its legal actions and “discontinued its Validate the Vote 2020 campaign, then refused to return his calls when he demanded an explanation,” according to The Guardian

Eshelman, the founder of a venture capital company, claimed that he asked “regularly and repeatedly” for updates but that his requests were consistently met with vague responses, platitudes, and empty promises.” 

So far, Trump’s legal team has not had much success in its efforts to challenge the outcome of the presidential elections. So far, they have lost 38 court actions since Election Day. Sidney Powell, an attorney who was working alongside Trump’s legal team filed a lawsuit last week that she claimed would be “epic.” The suit, which alleges that millions of votes were switched from Trump to former Vice President Joe Biden through faulty voting machines, was one of the latest in a series of legal actions the president’s team has filed. 

True the Vote posted a statement on its website explaining the group’s failure to produce results, blaming it on external forces. 

“While we stand by the voters’ testimony that was brought forth, barriers to advancing our arguments, coupled with constraints on time, made it necessary for us to pursue a different path,” the statement read while announcing that the group was withdrawing filings in Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, Michigan, and Georgia. 

“Our mission is much bigger than just one election. It is about repairing the system for all future elections,” it read.

According to the lawsuit, True the Vote offered to refund $1 million if he agreed to drop the lawsuit. But he is intent on getting all of his money back. 

So far, it appears that the majority of Trump’s legal challenges to the election have not yielded favorable results. While there are still other irons in the oven, it does not seem likely that they will provide enough evidence to overturn the election results. 

The fact that the president signed off on beginning the transition process indicates that he is aware of his chances of winning. 


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