Democratic Grassroots Groups Trying To Get Black Georgia Residents Out To Vote In Senate Runoff Elections

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The Republican Party would be wise not to underestimate the Democrats’ resolve when it comes to winning the Senate runoff elections in Georgia. A recent report reveals that several left-wing grassroots organizations are working around the clock to ensure that their key voter bases show up on the day of the election


The Hill reported that the same activists that helped former Vice President Joe Biden’s efforts in Georgia are hoping to do the same with the Senate race. “Activist groups in Georgia that were the backbone of the effort to turn Georgia blue this election cycle haven’t slowed down, their newest goal being to drive Georgians to the polls once again on Jan. 5 for the state’s Senate runoff elections,” the report explained. 

The author noted that “Biden’s narrow win in Georgia has given Democrats hopes of winning the January contests.”

From The Hill:

“Biden’s victory was the first time that a Democratic presidential candidate has carried the state since 1992, and much of the credit for flipping the state has gone to a strong coalition of grassroots organizations, including New Georgia Project and the groups supported by former gubernatorial candidate Stacey Abrams (D), that worked on driving Black and other underrepresented voters to the polls while also combating voter suppression.”

Nse Ufot, the CEO of a grassroots organization called New Georgia Project, told The Hill about the activities his group engaged in to dredge up support for Biden. 

“We’re talking about, you know, millions of text messages, millions of phone calls. We knocked on nearly half a million doors in the middle of a pandemic, millions of impressions with our digital ad content that was designed to neutralize the disinformation and misinformation that black voters and brown voters are subject to,” he explained. “And we’re going to have to do it again.”


These organizations believe that getting black voters out to vote again will help them win the senatorial races. But this could be a challenge for the left as black turnout in Georgia in 2020 was slightly less than it was for Hillary Clinton in 2016.

But it is important to acknowledge that this is still an uphill battle for the Democrats. 

From The Hill:

“In the Nov. 3 election, Sen. David Perdue (R) topped Democratic challenger Jon Ossoff by less than 100,000 votes but failed to secure 50 percent of the vote. The Rev. Raphael Warnock (D) actually beat Sen. Kelly Loeffler (R) in the state’s special Senate election by over 340,000 votes, but also failed to get half of the vote.”

While Loeffler received fewer votes that Warnock, she stands a much better chance of winning the runoff election. She is “expected to receive a hefty boost from Georgians who voted for Rep. Doug Collins In November,” according to The Hill. Collins, the other Republican candidate came in third place, and his voters will likely support Loeffler, giving her an extra boost. 

Young voters are also one of the areas of focus for left-leaning grassroots groups in Georgia. The Center for Information and Research on Civic Learning and Engagement at Tufts University estimated that more than half of voters under 30 voted in this election cycle. They also made up 17 % of all of the votes in the country. In Georgia, they made up 20% of all votes in the state. 


The Hill also pointed out that “90 percent of Black youth voters in the state voted for Biden. Because of this, Biden outpaced Trump with 18-to-29-year olds in Georgia by 187,000 votes.” 

The runoff races in Georgia are particularly important because they will determine which party controls the Senate. Democrats must win both seats to make for a 50/50 split. If a vote on legislation comes down on party lines, Kamala Harris, if elected, would make the tiebreaking vote. 

If the Democrats exercise this level of power over the Senate, it would make it much easier for a potential Biden administration to achieve its goals. Hopefully, the Republican Party are doing what needs to be done to make sure that this does not happen. 


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