Black BLM Activists Pushing Back Against White Radical Leftist Extremists Trying to Take Over the Movement

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Here’s a story that will never be covered by any major media outlet. 

Tensions are rising between black members of Black Lives Matter (BLM) and white progressive anarchists in the city of Portland, Oregon. The two groups clashed on issues related to how the movement should demonstrate against injustice. As a result, black BLM activists are distancing themselves from white progressives affiliated with the Antifa movement, which has wreaked havoc in the city for six months. 


Oregon Public Broadcasting (OPB) recently reported on the split between black BLM activists and white Antifa operatives, noting that “activists in the city are divided as to whether they are still fighting in a racial justice movement centered on Black lives, or if an unfocused, anti-establishment fight against capitalism and state power has usurped the initial cause that brought thousands of Portlanders into the streets.” 

The report also noted how the BLM demonstrations went from peaceful protests to those of a more violent nature as more white radical leftist extremists got involved. 

From OPB:

“Instead of mass mobilizations focused on disrupting city streets and educating the public, recent protests draw a few dozen people who have regularly engaged in vandalism against such disparate targets as a Democratic Party office, the Oregon Historical Society and the Mexican consulate.”

The report tells the story of Devin Boss and Darren Golden, two leaders of the BLM movement in Portland. They formed a group called Rose City Justice, which motivated thousands of activists to demonstrate in the streets after the killing of George Floyd by a Minneapolis police officer. The group was gaining traction, until the white leftists became involved. 

Boss told OPB that initially, the movement was led by black activists fighting for civil rights. “We always made sure that Black faces were in the front and … it was beautiful,” he said. “And then a lot of it slowly started seeping away. A lot of whiteness started seeping into the forefront. A lot of white voices started seeping into the front.”


It didn’t take long for the white radical leftists to begin its takeover of the movement, using it for their own purposes. OPB reported that Boss and Golden “were among the first leaders to be toppled by a tumultuous protest movement that is defiantly leaderless and rife with subplots, cliques and personality conflicts.”

The authors are referring to Antifa, which is a loosely-connected movement made up of individual cells in each major city. 

The white radical element began launching a social media campaign against the black leaders to push them out of power. White leftists essentially used cancel culture to smear black BLM leaders because they wanted to call the shots when it comes to protests. 

From OPB:

“A little more than three weeks into the protests, an anonymous Twitter account spread old tweets of Golden being disrespectful to women. His LinkedIn profile started making the rounds online, showing he had been in the Air Force security forces, the branch’s military police equivalent. Golden guarded nuclear weapons in the Air Force, but as he became more well known as an organizer, critics quickly accused him of being a former police officer and collaborating with law enforcement.”

“I was targeted directly,” Golden told OPB. “Somebody went back seven years on my Twitter account, through tens of thousands of tweets, to find something that they found incendiary. And they coupled that together with other stuff from when I was 20 and 19 and made this kind of collage of why Darren can’t lead a movement or be a part of a leadership of RCJ moving forward. So it was extremely targeted.”


OPB noted that, “slowly, the organizers and activists who had been speaking to massive crowds at Revolution Hall and Pioneer Square started pulling back.” 

Both Boss and Golden found out what many black activists discover: White leftists don’t care about black people. 

“We’ve seen this happen over decades, over centuries,” Golden complained. “Black folks that get in power or have a voice are somehow squashed or quelled by a white political leadership or white organizing.”

The primary dispute between the two revolved around protest tactics. “A number of anonymous activist social media accounts undermined and criticized groups that used less aggressive tactics, while feeding the more radical elements of the protest movement,” according to OPB. 

Tensions between the peaceful groups and the white radical leftist element came to a head on Nov 4. The authors wrote:

“The belief that some protests were no longer focused on racial justice had been unspoken for months but was finally brought into the open Nov. 4, when a Black Lives Matter march crossed paths downtown with a group of anarchist protesters. The BLM group asked the anarchists to join their non-violent march for the night.”

Kevin Wright, an activist who has participated in both peaceful demonstrations and protests that promoted vandalism recalled a moment when he saw both groups converge at an intersection while refusing to march together. 

“I didn’t understand,” said Wright, who is one of the few black members of the anarchist group. “It made no sense for the two protests not to be together, especially if the end goal is for Black civil rights.”


The people aligned with the non-violent activists told Wright that they were worried that broken windows and property would be pinned on their group instead of the white leftist anarchists. “The problem is breaking stuff,” Wright asked. “If we just don’t break stuff for one night, can we come together?”

He repeated this sentiment  during the event over a microphone. “For tonight, don’t break stuff,” Wright insisted. “Stand with Black people. Set an example when Black people and Black organizers ask you to stand with their revolution.”

The OPB reported that “some in the crowd cheered, but others turned away.” Then, Wright stated that he heard the white activists say something that is not surprising to those familiar with how white leftists operate. “I definitely heard them say, ‘We’re not here to just listen to Black people. We have no leaders, no one decides to tell us what to do,’” he said. 

This story yet another example proving that white radical leftists are not concerned with the plight of black Americans, and they have no problem usurping black causes to use for their own purposes. 

These white leftists are not like the white folks who marched with Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Indeed, they represent an insidious form of racism that the corporate media would rather the American public didn’t know about. Their conduct indicates that they do not view black people as equals. 

White radical leftists believe that black folks fighting for a cause should simply hand the reins over to the white radicals, who think they know what’s best for the black community better than black folks. Everything that white progressives believe about black people can be summed up in the comment that one of them made on Nov. 4. “We’re not here just to listen to black people.” 



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