Black Twitter Roasts Biden Over Potential Cabinet Pick


Remember when I said that Biden wouldn’t have black America’s back like he promised in a speech not so long ago? Well, it appears that he is already showing that he has no intention of respecting the black community, and African Americans aren’t too happy about it. 


It looks like Biden is considering former Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel as transportation secretary if he becomes the next president. The former mayor, who also served in President Obama’s administration, is a rather controversial figure in the black community for his handling of crime in the Windy City and his missteps in dealing with a major police brutality incident.  In fact, it was after multiple protests staged by thousands of black participants that pushed him to forego seeking a third term as mayor. 

The Chicago Tribune reported:

“His policy chops and experience in the White House, in Congress and working on transit projects as mayor make him a strong choice to join presumptive President-elect Joe Biden’s team. But Emanuel is lambasted by some Democrats for his reputation as a pro-Wall Street, anti-teachers union centrist, and especially for his handling of the 17-year-old Black teen’s shooting death by a white police officer who went to prison for it.”

The police shooting to which the Tribune refers is the case of Laquan McDonald, who was gunned down by officer Jason Van Dyke in 2014. The Tribune notes that, “his second term was dogged by allegations he sought to keep the now-infamous police dashcam video of the incident from coming out until after he won reelection in 2015.”


The city’s law enforcement agency reached a $5 million settlement with the McDonald family after filing a civil suit. 

But Emanuel’s failure to address violent crime in the city also earned him the ire of black residents. Many took to the streets to call for the former mayor’s resignation

Emanuel’s apparent lack of regard for the black community hasn’t been forgotten, apparently. High-profile black Americans on Twitter savaged the former vice president for daring to consider a cabinet position for the former mayor. 

Former Bernie Sanders surrogate Ja’Mal Green said that he wouldn’t trust an administration with Emanuel in it. “Every time Rahm Emanuel is trending, watch this video and realize how bad he is. I would never trust a @JoeBiden & @KamalaHarris administration with Rahm in it. Chicago would not like it!” he tweeted.

Jamil Smith, a senior writer for Rolling Stone, tweeted: “Black voters didn’t help elect  @JoeBiden to the presidency so he could elevate Rahm Emanuel to his Cabinet, the mayor who helped cover up Laquan McDonald’s murder by Chicago police for more than a year. It’s an insult that this is even being considered.”


Former ESPN anchor and race-baiter supreme Jemele Hill also weighed in. “Joe Biden owes black people for his presidency. He will be held to account. Putting Rahm Emanuel in the cabinet is disrespectful and a complete slap in the face to the electorate most responsible for putting him in office,” she tweeted. 

U.S. House candidate Mondaire Jones stated that Emanuel’s consideration was “completely outrageous, and, honestly, very hurtful.” 


If Biden is smart, he will keep Emanuel’s name out of his mouth. While many black Americans don’t expect much from the former vice president, appointing someone with this level of infamy in the black community would further alienate black voters. 

Of course, the former vice president might not even care at this point; if he’s not going to seek a second term, then why should he pay attention to the opinions of black Americans? To put it another way, why wouldn’t he continue acting like a Democrat? 


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