Failed Austin City Council Candidate Tries To Spread Vicious Lie About Conservative Candidate

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Usually, when we think of brutally dishonest leftist smear campaigns, we think of the numerous falsehoods that Democrats and their close friends and allies in the establishment media tell about President Trump and Republican members of Congress. But we would be remiss if we don’t also pay attention to the shenanigans that progressives pull at the local level as well. 


Mackenzie Kelly is currently running for Austin City Council, which is dominated by far-left radicals. On Election Day, she came within two points of her opponent, incumbent Jimmy Flannigan, a rabid Marxist who supports ridiculous initiatives like defunding the police. This means that the two will compete in a runoff election that will be held on December 15th. If elected, Kelly will become a lone conservative voice on a far-left wing council. 

Apparently, progressives feel threatened by the fact that Kelly is within striking distance of her opponent, which may have prompted Pooja Sethi, who ran for city council and was handily beaten, to make a patently false accusation against Kelly in an attempt to link her to the Proud Boys, a controversial right-wing group. 

On Thursday, Sethi posted a tweet claiming that Kelly had not denounced the group. “@mkelly007 you told me on election day that you did not know who the #proudboys were in the picture you took at the Blue Lives Matter rally. I had told you if you felt that way you need to denounce it. Still waiting on that. Here is the picture in case you forgot. #ATXCouncil,” she wrote. 

Kelly responded, pointing out that she had in fact publicly disavowed the Proud Boys during an interview with a local news channel. She included a video of the conversation in the tweet. “Hi @PoojaATX, I guess you missed this interview with KEYE? Thanks! ‘Proud Boys they do not represent my values or beliefs nor would I associate with them,’ Kelly said in a Zoom interview,” she wrote. 


One would think that after being humiliated so badly, Sethi would apologize, admit her mistake, and move on. But we all know that being the “woke” type means never having to say you’re sorry for deceptively linking someone to a group that is often accused of being racist. Sethi wrote, “I did not, but I would want more from people who represent us. To some of us, the symbol represents pure hate. I would expect more anger and disdain about this from a candidate.”

So after being shown to be a liar, Sethi moved the goalposts and accused Kelly of not being angry enough. Perhaps Sethi’s ilk would have been satisfied if Kelly dressed in sackcloth and marched around the Capitol building 15 times carrying a sign saying “No, seriously, I really really really don’t like the Proud Boys.”

But in all seriousness, Kelly’s performance in her race is something about which Austin’s progressives should be concerned. Most conservative candidates haven’t come as close as she has, and she stands a good chance of winning the runoff election. If she weren’t a threat, people like Sethi wouldn’t come after her. Flannigan’s self-proclaimed “vulgar Marxist” campaign field director wouldn’t have called her a “toxic reactionary” and a “Nazi.” 


Unfortunately, as the runoff election draws nearer, Kelly will likely be subject to more unfair and deceptive attacks from the Marxist crowd in Austin. After all, this is how progressives play politics, isn’t it? 

If you would like to help Mackenzie Kelly become a conservative voice on the left-wing Austin City Council, you visit her campaign website and donate. Please save me from having to live under these Marxists!


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