Here’s How President Trump Did With Black Voters In Exit Polls



Here’s something the left would rather you didn’t know. 

Preliminary numbers are showing that President Trump did surprisingly well with minorities and women. In fact, he may have increased his numbers by 50% when it comes to black voters, assuming that the final numbers match the exit polls


The surveys were funded by multiple media outlets and compiled data based on interviews with people who had just voted on Election Day and phone calls with people who voted by mail. It revealed that 12% of black voters chose Trump over former Vice President Joe Biden. This represents a four-point increase over the president’s black support in 2016. 

Even more noteworthy is Trump’s numbers among black men, specifically. The poll showed that 18% of African American male voters pulled the lever for the president while 8% of black females did the same. In fact, the only group with which Trump slightly lost support was among white men. 

President Trump was the first Republican presidential candidate in recent memory that actually made a concerted effort to reach the black community. During the 2020 election season, he stepped up his game and did far more than just asking black people what they have to lose. He hosted black Americans in the White House on several occasions. He formed Black Voices 4 Trump, a group intended to speak to black voters face to face. He touted his record on black issues and even created a specifically black agenda. 

While Trump and his team made some missteps along the way, there was no doubt that this president was serious about increasing his black support, and if the exit polls are any indication, he succeeded. And he didn’t do it by calling them mental slaves on a plantation or pushing misleading stereotypes


But this is bigger than Trump.

Getting more black votes in a presidential election is excellent, but if the Republican Party wants to remain relevant in the future, they must follow Trump’s example. He gave the former Party of Lincoln a roadmap to follow if they want to earn more votes from the African American community. With blacks becoming more frustrated with the Democratic Party, the time is now for the GOP to finally start engaging with black Americans again. 

The election of Republican Mark Robinson, who just became the first black Lt. Governor of North Carolina, is yet another example showing that if the Republicans actually put effort into making inroads with black Americans, they can succeed. Of course, it is essential to remember that this undertaking is a marathon, not a sprint. 

Since the GOP abandoned the black vote during the ‘60s, black people no longer trust the party. Democratic accusations of racism against conservatives only succeeded because the Republicans refused to defend themselves and expose the cynical tactic that the left was using to influence black voters.

Because of this lack of trust with the GOP, not every candidate is going to win in the beginning. Kimberly Klacik, despite running a decent campaign, lost to Kweisi Mfume, who will become Baltimore’s next congressperson. Other black Republican candidates haven’t fared as well as Robinson. 


However, none of this means that the GOP should stop trying. Klacik still made a good showing, and if she and others continue to engage with the community face to face, these folks can win back the trust that the Republican Party establishment gave up. 

The ultimate outcome of the presidential election is not yet certain. But one thing is evident, President Donald Trump was willing to push for black votes despite knowing that he would never win most of them. In the end, he still succeeded in earning more support. The Republican Party would be wise to take his lesson to heart. After all, what the hell do they have to lose? 


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