You’re ‘Gonna Bury All of Us’: Tony Bobulinski Plays Tape of Biden Partners Begging Him Not to Go Public


Tony Bobulinski gave some rather compelling tidbits of information about the Biden family’s business dealings with a Chinese company during his interview with Fox News’ Tucker Carlson on Tuesday night. At one point in the conversation, the whistleblower played an audio recording of a phone call with a Biden family representative who attempted to talk him out of taking the story public. 


“The Biden family knew that you were going public with this,” said Carlson. “And you spoke to Rob Walker about it — again, the self-described Biden family representative — and Biden family, meaning Joe Biden as well — what was his response when you let him know that you were going public with this?”

Bobulinski, who worked with the Biden family on the Chinese business deal, told Carlson that they were “trying to coach me.” He continued, “Trying to sort of say, hey, we don’t want to do that, we don’t want press trucks out in front of our house. I’m going to have to move; I could lose my job, and all of that – you know, I’m not trying to cause harm to anyone in this situation let alone Rob Walker and his family, James Gilliar and his family.”

The businessman added, “But basically, Rob’s position was, if you go on record with all these facts, you’ll bury all of us.”

At that point, the recording of the phone call was played: 

“Tony Bobulinski: ‘If he doesn’t come out on record I am providing the facts.’

Rob Walker: ‘Tony. You’re just gonna bury all of us man.’”

Carlson asked Bobulinski how he responded to Walker’s plea. “I was focused on pushing these guys to do the right thing, to demonstrate an ounce of integrity in front of the American people,” he answered. “They all know the facts; I lived the facts. And luckily for the American people, all the facts are extremely well documented.”


The story regarding the contents of Hunter Biden’s “laptop from hell” has been heating up despite leftist news outlets attempting to downplay and discredit the story. Even though social media companies like Facebook and Twitter attempted to suppress the story, people have still raised concerns. 

The fact that former Vice President Joe Biden was unable to give an explanation for this scandal during the 2nd presidential debate only made things worse. However, with Election Day coming in less than a week, will it really make a difference? 

It could. 

The majority of Americans have already made up their minds, and a significant number have already cast their votes. But it is clear that this will be a close race, and it seems likely that those who remain undecided might be wary about voting for a candidate who clearly has questionable ties to the Chinese government. It may not account for much of the voting public, but there is a chance that it could tip the scales in Trump’s favor just enough to ensure his re-election. 



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