CNN’s Don Lemon Chimes in on the Court-Packing Question and It’s About as Dumb as You’d Expect

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Court-packing is an issue that isn’t going away for former Vice President Joe Biden, who continues to not give a straight answer on the matter. But this doesn’t mean that his allies in the corporate press aren’t still trying to downplay the fact that he refuses to give the American public an answer regarding his position on the issue. CNN’s Don Lemon beclowned himself once again as he attempted to run interference for the Democratic presidential candidate.

On Monday’s broadcast of “CNN Tonight,” Lemon took his colleague Chris Cuomo to task for asking Sen. Cory Booker (D-NJ) whether he believes that adding seats to the Supreme Court is appropriate. Lemon argued that “it’s not a legitimate question” and that Cuomo was somehow “doing the Republicans’ work” by bringing it up. 

While doing the handoff from Cuomo’s show to Lemon’s, Lemon asked, “Why are you like pushing him [Booker] about court-packing? Because you’re doing the Republicans’ work.”

Cuomo replied, “No, I’m not. It’s a legitimate question.”

Lemon retorted: “Well, look, it’s not a legitimate question in that, during the debate, the vice president raised the question. The moderator didn’t raise the question. Plus, it is — this is something that — this is a hypothetical. Whether or not — Joe Biden has said twice, at least on tape that I’ve seen, how he feels about court-packing. And I think it’s a distraction from the Republicans –.”

Cuomo interjected, asking why Biden refuses to answer the question about packing the Supreme Court.

“Because he doesn’t have to,” Lemon responded. Later in the conversation, Lemon referred to Booker’s remarks stating that it is the legislature who would decide whether or not to pack the court. But Cuomo noted that Booker failed to answer the question as well. 

In an attempt to defend Booker, Lemon insisted, “I don’t think he has to answer it. Because I think it is a red herring. Because they don’t want to talk about how Mitch McConnell has packed the court over the years by not allowing –.”

Lemon also conceded that some Democrats might be in favor of court-packing. “It’s a hypothetical. I’m sure there are some Democrats who want to do it. … It’s never, ever, ever going to happen,” he said. 

Reporters have repeatedly asked both Biden and his running mate, Sen. Kamala Harris (D-CA) if they supported court-packing if the Senate Republicans confirm Judge Amy Coney Barrett before election day. They both demurred, refusing to give an answer. Biden even went so far as to assert that the American public did not deserve to know his position on the subject.

While the court-packing issue remains a problem for the Biden campaign, it is unlikely that he will answer the question before the election. While some in the media have taken issue with his reticence on the matter, most are either ignoring it or trying to cover for the former vice president, so we probably won’t know what he believes about the subject unless he wins the election in November. 


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