Here’s Why There Will Be No ‘October Surprise’

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It’s September and election day is exactly 53 days away. President Trump, who is seeking re-election, and former Vice President Joe Biden, who is attempting to unseat him, are locked in a dead heat in the polls as they battle it out for the nation’s support. 

Trump is up against not only Biden and his running mate, Sen. Kamala Harris (D-CA), but he is also fighting a media apparatus that has been intent on destroying since he took office. The former vice president is attempting to make himself look more appealing to the American public despite his questionable record and apparent cognitive issues. 

As the election season nears its conclusion, there seems to be only one major event that typically occurs around this time that many might expect to influence the outcome of the race. Yes, we are talking about the infamous “October Surprise.” 

You know what this is, right? This political phenomenon typically takes the form of a tawdry, lascivious, or otherwise controversial revelation that is designed to cause irreversible damage to one of the candidates. In 2016, we saw this when the corporate media released the Access Hollywood tape in which then-candidate Trump was heard making lewd comments about women. 

This tape was supposed to be a shocking discovery and surely not something the press had been sitting on for months and waiting to reveal at an opportune time. In this case, it didn’t work because Hillary Clinton was such a horrific candidate that not even this piece of new information could propel her to victory. 


Yesterday, I asked my followers on Twitter what they thought the October surprise would be in the Trump v. Biden election. There were quite a few theories ranging from a mass shooting, to the release of the Russian pee tape, and even the leader of Antifa being revealed as none other than yours truly. 

Each of these theories were quite interesting, except perhaps the notion that I’m the leader of Antifa. I am a patient man, but I can only handle a group of insufferable white progressives children for so long, folks. But the theory I found most compelling came from my friend and Black Roundtable co-host James Cheef:


Anyone who has been following politics for awhile knows that 2020 is an election year that stands on its own. This means that the usual rules do not apply. Will the corporate media attempt to unleash another secret political nuclear weapon in the next few weeks? 

Of course they will. They’ve gotten desperate. After all, didn’t they just attempt to use an unverified and hotly contested article claiming that Trump made disparaging remarks about fallen World War I vets? You can be certain that leftist journalists have already been assembling a new story, or perhaps series of stories, full of unnamed sources and tawdry allegations against the Trump administration. It will be fresh out of the oven shortly. 


But as Cheef stated, it won’t be any different from what they have already been doing all year. Trump’s progressive opponents have already blown their shot, over and over again. From the Russiagate collusion hoax to the impeachment fiasco, they have pulled out all of the stops to smear the president and it hasn’t worked. 

Put simply, unless the left manages to unveil actual evidence of an actual scandal the actually impacts the country, their efforts will amount to a whole lot of noise that is ultimately devoid of meaning. Like The Boy Who Cried Wolf, the will not be taken seriously except by those who already want to buy what the corporate media is selling. 

Of course, this does not automatically mean that Trump’s re-election is in the bag. It simply means that there is likely no October Surprise that has any chance of sinking his chances of victory. 


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