Dallas Police Officers Furnish Apartment For Mother Of 6 Who Escaped From Domestic Abuse

FILE - In this July 11, 2016 file photo, the badge of Dallas Area Rapid Transit police officer Evan Moses is shown with a black band over it, in Dallas. Moses was visiting the makeshift memorial in front of Dallas police department headquarters. The number of police killed in the line of duty rose sharply in 2016, driven by shootings of police around the country, most notably ambushes in Dallas and Baton Rouge, Louisiana. From Jan. 1 through Wednesday, 135 officers lost their lives. Some died in traffic accidents, but nearly half were shot to death. (AP Photo/Tony Gutierrez, File)


Officers working with the Dallas Police Department recently went above and beyond to help  a mother who fled an abusive relationship. After escaping from her abusive husband, this mother was left without money to furnish her new apartment. Fortunately, two good Samaritans in law enforcement came to her aid. 

Officers Reneeshia McIntyre and Delia Pesina responded to a call for service at an apartment complex in Dallas. While the officers were on the scene, a two-year old child approached and asked them to come to their apartment. 

They met the mother of the child and engaged in a conversation about how she left her husband with her children. A local church helped her rent the apartment, but she had no money to buy furniture because she had to leave all of her belongings behind. 



Pesina told reporters that as they were leaving, “I looked at my partner [McIntyre] and said, we need to do something to help her.”

The officers obtained donations from their their colleagues in the Dallas Police department and the civilian community. “The show of support was truly amazing and very overwhelming,” Pesina said.

After raising the money, the officers bought furniture from several different stores. They purchased bids, cribs, pillows, and other items. Other officers from the department even came to the mother’s apartment to help her assemble the furniture. 

But that’s not all. Not only were the law enforcement officials able to completely furnish her apartment, they also gave her $250 that was left over from the donations. “We told the children, ‘This is where you’re going to be sleeping.’ The excitement on their face was so heartfelt we had to fight back tears,” McIntyre said. 

The children’s mother was overjoyed.“I wish I could do more than say thank you to everyone that contributed to me and my children. We love ya’ll and really love the things you gave us. We are very much appreciative and grateful for you guys helping us,” she said. 

Shining the spotlight on police officers who abuse their authority is necessary for those who value living in a free society. But the anti-police sentiment being stoked by the left over the past three months has taken it to a dangerous extreme. While it is necessary to highlight the bad apples, we must also acknowledge members of law enforcement who go above and beyond to serve their communities. After all, the corporate media isn’t going to do it, right? 


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