Daily Beast Uses Murder Of Black Man As A Racist Political Attack Against MAGA

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Portland Trailblazers’ Damian Lillard, center, joins other demonstrators in Portland, Ore., during a protest against police brutality and racism sparked by the death of George Floyd, who died May 25 after being restrained by police in Minneapolis. (AP Photo/Craig Mitchelldyer)


Just when you think they couldn’t go any lower, progressive media finds a way. On Friday, the Daily Beast published a piece on the murder of a black man by a white man in Tulsa, Oklahoma. But, of course, they couldn’t just report on this abhorrent act like actual journalists. Instead, they tried to link it to MAGA and, by extension, President Trump.

The piece, titled “Video Emerges of MAGA-Loving Tulsa Ex-Jailer Shooting Unarmed Black Man,” details the fatal encounter between Christopher Straight, and the victim, Carlos Carson which occurred at a motel. On June 6, manager of the motel contacted Straight, who was working security at the establishment, informing him that Carson had returned to the premises after being asked to leave.

Carson had become agitated after someone had vandalized his vehicle. Video footage shows the two men talking as Carson exited the property. But about five minutes later, Carson came back to the premises, walking close to Straight’s truck. According to the affidavit, “As Carson is standing near the wall, Straight sprays Carson with a burst of OC Spray. It did not appear that Carson was physically aggressive at that moment to provoke Straight to spray Carson.”

The video shows that Straight, a former detention officer, sprayed Carson with pepper spray while his back was turned to the assailant. Carson responded by throwing his coffee cup at Straight’s truck, and then charging him. The two men engage in a struggle until Straight shot Carson in the head, then shot him again after he fell. He was released about two hours later on bail.


News reports revealed that Straight had a problematic history when he served in law enforcement. He had been placed on leave multiple times throughout his career and faced a series of disciplinary actions. He was also accused of engaging in racist behavior, although the details of these allegations have not yet been made public. During his stint as a security guard at the motel, Tulsa police took two reports of Straight pepper spraying trespassers.

But it was Straight’s political views that the Daily Beast was concerned with. Katie Briquelet, the author of the piece, noted that the former security guard shared Facebook post the day before the incident which read, “How about all lives matter. Not black lives, not white lives. Get over yourself no one’s life is more important than the next. Put your race card away and grow up.”

Briquelet also pointed out that the suspect published a post that said, “I support Trump and I will not apologize for it.” The author also that it was important to mention that “some Facebook photos show Straight wearing a red ‘Make America Great Again’ cap.”

The author doesn’t provide a shred of evidence demonstrating that Straight’s political beliefs had anything to do with the incident, nor does she explain how his support of Trump is even relevant to this case. But we already know why she felt the need to focus on his social media posts, don’t we?

The Daily Beast wants their audience to believe that the MAGA movement and President Trump are somehow linked to this murder. The headline gives it away when they make a point to mention that Straight is a “MAGA-Loving ex-jailer.” As most journalists know, very few people (20%) actually click a headline to read the story.


Of course, the fact that this story was published the day before Trump is scheduled to give a rally in Tulsa is not lost on us, is it? This piece is yet another example demonstrating that progressive media doesn’t care about the lives of black men. To them, Carlos Carson was nothing more than a political weapon to use against the president.

The Daily Beast’s willingness to use the murder of a black man to attack the president and his supporters isn’t just abhorrent, it is brazenly racist. It is also par for the course for progressive media outlets. They excel at pretending to be a friend to minority communities while treating them as political pawns.


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