Here’s How Racist Antifa Thugs Are Skewing Media Narrative Against Minneapolis Protesters

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You’ve seen the pictures, watched the videos, and consumed the news reports on the protests taking place in Minneapolis and other cities across the nation in response to the death of George Floyd. In several instances, the demonstrations have morphed into full-on riots that have destroyed buildings and wreaked havoc in the community.


But there is one aspect of these occurrences that has gone largely unnoticed by both conservative and progressive media outlets, and much of the American public is being misled by bad actors whose objective is to cause chaos without carrying any blame.

Many Americans seem to be under the impression that the violent demonstrations are being mostly carried out by black residents of Minneapolis. Indeed, several of the videos showing the looting and mayhem display black individuals engaging in this destructive behavior.

However, what many of these reports and videos fail to mention is the fact that most of these people have traveled to Minneapolis from other cities to participate in the looting. The city’s police chief confirmed as much during a recent press conference.

But there is another more insidious element to this equation. Other videos clearly show that white agitators, many of whom belong to the far-left anarchist organization known as Antifa, have shown up to incite and perpetuate violence and pandemonium.

Civil rights attorney Rogan O’ Handley tweeted a video and noted that “white leftists are now openly destroying impoverished black communities.”


Most damning was a video posted by Carlos Gonzalez, a photojournalist working with the Star Tribune. The footage shows a horde of white Marxist thugs celebrating in front of burning buildings.


Yet another video showed white rioters using black bloc tactics and breaking the windows of a local AutoZone. They later set the building on fire and burned it to the ground.

Black Minneapolis residents took issue with the white demonstrators who traveled to the city simply to stoke violent tensions. A video has been circulating on social media showing a man politely telling these individuals to stop engaging in violent behavior because of the toxic impact their actions have had on the community and the efforts of the peaceful protesters.

“We gotta try to keep this as peaceful as possible,” one resident said. Later, he explained, “There’s a whole lot of people that come here just to incite a riot. They don’t live here.”

Another individual said, “My point is I was out here yesterday for five hours. As soon as we left, it went absolutely chaotic.” He continued, rebuking the white leftists:


“We want to make sure today that what occurred last night and another life get lost, don’t happen again. If we out here standing for George Floyd, George stood for peace and love. Guess what. Last night wasn’t for George, that was for whoever the f*ck y’all allowed to come in this city to do that … and I said that, the first day of the protest, I said you guys have to be very diligent in regards to people coming here causing chaos and confusion.”

This isn’t to say that there were absolutely no Minneapolis residents who participated in the looting and violence. There were likely several individuals who joined with the rioters. But it’s important to realize that the majority of the residents were engaging in peaceful protests on Floyd’s behalf. A number of videos have been posted on social media showing these Americans marching and demonstrating without causing damage to people or property.


Of course, the corporate media has not bothered to cover the Antifa operatives who traveled to Minneapolis to cause wanton destruction and anarchy. Why? Because Antifa’s willingness to use the tragic death of a black man as an excuse to pursue their Marxist agenda shows them for who they are: racist thugs who are willing to draw attention from the black Americans who are protesting peacefully. These individuals have no issue with allowing the black residents of Minneapolis to look like unruly rioters to the rest of the nation.

The reality is that Antifa, like the rest of the Marxist left, only pretends to have the best interests of the black community at heart. In reality, they are driving the knife deep into the back of black Americans and using their pain as an excuse to cause ruin to the community.

When this situation calms down, these thugs will simply return to their basements and wait for the next opportunity to foment violence. Meanwhile, the residents of these cities will be left to rebuild their communities and mend the societal wounds these white progressives have wrought.


This is not the first time far-leftist groups have sent operatives into a black city to create mayhem. Unfortunately, the lack of media coverage and the fact that the authorities typically don’t take steps to stop this thuggery will ensure that this cycle will repeat the next time a situation like this arises.


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