Rep. Devin Nunes: It Was ‘No-Brainer’ That Mike Flynn Was Innocent

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Ranking member Rep. Devin Nunes of Calif., gives his opening statement as Jennifer Williams, an aide to Vice President Mike Pence, and National Security Council aide Lt. Col. Alexander Vindman, testify before the House Intelligence Committee on Capitol Hill in Washington, Tuesday, Nov. 19, 2019, during a public impeachment hearing of President Donald Trump’s efforts to tie U.S. aid for Ukraine to investigations of his political opponents. (AP Photo/Andrew Harnik)


Rep. Devin Nunes (R-CA), the ranking Republican on the House Intelligence Committee, indicated that he and others knew that former Trump National Security Advisor Mike Flynn was an innocent victim of anti-Trump FBI agents. Now that documents have surfaced revealing the questionable actions of the Bureau concerning its prosecution of Flynn, the American public has yet another example demonstrating how members of the Department of Justice (DOJ) pursued a political agenda against the President.

In an appearance on Fox Business Network, Rep. Nunes told host Maria Bartiromo that there should be an investigation into the sources of the documents that falsely indicated that the 2016 Trump campaign colluded with the Russian government to swing the results of the presidential election. The FBI used these documents to launch its investigation of the President.

“I would say that we need the judge to do the right thing,” Nunes said.

He continued:

“We need DOJ to do the right thing. We need these lawyers to be investigated. And I would say overall — Maria, we talked about this on your Sunday show. I told you that there are three reports that really need to be analyzed and investigated. One, of course, is the Steele, Fusion GPS, Clinton paid-for dossier. The other is the intelligence community assessment that was done right after the 2016 election. That needs to be investigated, which I call Obama’s dossier. And then, of course, there’s the Mueller report, which is the Mueller dossier also in how I define them.”


Nunes then argued, “There now needs to be an entire investigation of all of those people that were involved, all the lawyers, everybody from DOJ to FBI, all the way down because most likely this is — because we have already found discrepancies in that Mueller report.”

The lawmaker explained that evidence of Flynn’s innocence was known early in the process. He pointed out that FBI officials affirmed the General’s innocence. “We knew from essentially day one, early on in 2017, and that he was innocent,” Nunes said. “How do we know that? Because the top officials at the FBI told us so. This wasn’t rocket science.”

Nunes continued, explaining that these officials admitted that the General was not deceptive in his statements to the FBI. He said that the documents “said that we had evidence that General Flynn didn’t lie.” The Representative told Bartiromo that, “from the very beginning, the media was in on this,” and that the corporate press “covered up” the report.

The FBI’s role in the effort to prosecute Flynn is looking more and more suspect as additional information is uncovered. The recent documents show that former FBI Director James Comey ordered the operation against the former Trump advisor.

Suspicions regarding the Bureau’s political motivations are now being proven correct; officials working with the agency were clearly trying to railroad members of the Trump campaign since they knew that the Russiagate narrative was a farce. While their efforts against the President failed, it seemed that their Plan B worked. However, now that these new documents have emerged, it appears that the anti-Trump left might be robbed of their consolation prize.



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