Progressives Use Picture Of Nazi Flag-Wielding Bernie Bro To Slam Anti-Coronavirus Shutdown Protesters

AP Photo/Paul Sancya

Protesters stand on the steps of the State Capitol in Lansing, Mich., Wednesday, April 15, 2020. Flag-waving, honking protesters drove past the Michigan Capitol on Wednesday to show their displeasure with Gov. Gretchen Whitmer’s orders to keep people at home and businesses locked during the new coronavirus COVID-19 outbreak. (AP Photo/Paul Sancya)



Shortly after last week’s protests against the severe shutdown orders that several states have imposed to combat the COVID-19 outbreak, progressives began circulating a picture of a supposed Nazi who attended one of the demonstrations at the Michigan Capitol. The image was supposed to demonstrate that white supremacists were a significant part of the protests.

However, this story just turned out to be another progressive lie.

The picture showed a young white man holding a flag emblazoned with a swastika with the words “TRUMP PENCE” painted on it. The individual was standing in the midst of a group of Trump supporters at a rally. Naturally, this elicited outrage from leftists who pretended that this person was indicative of the people who attend these events.

But there was one problem.

The picture was actually taken at a March 2 rally for Bernie Sanders in Boise, Idaho. The individual with the flag was posing among Trump supporters who were protesting the former presidential candidate. reported that this individual “also showed up at a rally in Arizona, where he was kicked out, shouted anti-Semitic slurs at people, and was subsequently reported on.”

However, it appears that the individual to which refers is not the same person that showed up in Arizona. In fact, other pictures taken at the Sanders rally show this man carrying a Bernie Sanders sign. Even Snopes, a left-leaning fact-checker, admitted that this individual is likely not a Trump supporter.


In other words, this person seems to a Bernie supporter who was posing as a Nazi among Trump supporters to deceive the public into believing the group protesting Sanders were white supremacists. After the Michigan protests, progressive circulated the photo, claiming that it was taken at the Saturday demonstrations. In essence, they are recycling one lie to tell yet another lie.

Seems a bit lazy, right? They could have at least enlisted a different Bernie Bro to pretend to be a Nazi at a right-leaning protest. Apparently, these progressives were just phoning it in on this one.

But the reality is that this is just the latest example of what I predicted the left would do when they first started demanding data related to the racial breakdown of those who have succumbed to the virus. In my piece on the topic, I wrote: “There can be no doubt that Democrats and their close friends and allies in the press will use this data to paint the Trump administration as racist.”

It didn’t take long for them to start trying to use the pandemic to smear the Trump administration as racist. Both journalist Joy Reid and Minnesota Attorney General Keith Ellison tried to turn COVID-19 into a race-baiting weapon on MSNBC. In discussing their arguments, my colleague, Elizabeth Vaughn wrote:

“The protests against stay-at-home orders have absolutely zero to do with racism or the Confederacy. Their attempts to make it so are unjustifiable and spurious.

They’re both hoping that if they sound hip enough and smart enough, they just might be able to convince blacks that Trump is working against them.”


This, ladies and gentlemen, is the entire reason why some of these high-profile progressives were so adamant about obtaining the racial breakdown of COVID-19 deaths. It has nothing to do with racial disparities in healthcare. In fact, most of these disparities can be traced to progressive policies that have put black Americans in this situation in the first place.

The reality is that many – not all – are simply willing to use dead black bodies to further their political agenda against the Trump administration. Why shouldn’t we be calling them out for their brazen racism?


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