Progressives Turn Kobe Bryant's Death Into a Political Attack on Trump

When the news broke about the death of NBA legend Kobe Bryant and his daughter Gianna, most responded with expressions of grief, offering their condolences to his family. The city of Los Angeles mourned the loss of one of its most prominent celebrities. Current and former professional basketball players also joined in, highlighting Bryant’s accomplishments and his relationship with his family. 


But in the midst of the widespread grieving, others saw an opportunity to use Bryant’s untimely passing to launch cynical political attacks against President Donald Trump. Among some of the other garbage takes on this tragedy, these individuals decided to engage in some of the ugliest behavior imaginable in response to the incident. 

Leftist activists and journalists took to Twitter to take issue with Trump’s two tweets commenting on Bryant’s passing. Some even stated that they wish it had been Trump who died instead of the athlete. Shortly after the story was reported, he tweeted:

Here are only a few of the individuals who used the story to lambast Trump:



Of course, it’s worth pointing out that the majority of Americans on both the left and the right didn’t seize on the opportunity to inject politics into Bryant’s fatal accident. Most expressed grief and sympathy for his remaining family, as well as the others who were killed in the helicopter crash. But it seems those on the fringes — who tend to be the loudest and receive the most attention — were the ones who didn’t care about the tragedy. 

This is yet another story demonstrating how bitter and divided American society has become. The issue isn’t that these individuals attacked the president — that’s par for the course these days. The problem is that they were willing to use a man’s death purely for political purposes. It has gotten to a point where some of the noisiest people can’t respond to this type of incident without making it political. It makes one wonder if America will ever cease to be so polarized. 



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