This is Why the Left is Resurrecting the MS-13 "Monsters" Hoax

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Here we go again.


It looks like the left is trying to create another “fine people” situation in their latest fake news attack on President Trump. It’s understandable given the success of the deception they perpetuated regarding his comments on the events in Charlottesville that claimed the life of a progressive activist. If you remember, Trump stated that there were “fine people” on both sides of the debate over the Confederate statues at the event in Charlottesville.

Naturally, CNN and the other left-leaning media outlets pounced on his words, claiming that he said white nationalists were “fine people.” Anyone who pays attention to current events might have initially believed this narrative was fishy from the beginning since Trump would also have to be stating that Antifa – who initiated much of the violence – were also fine people, and we know that Trump isn’t into speaking any positively words his opposition, right?

But only a few minutes of video reveals that there was more to this story than CNN wanted the public to know. After his “fine people” comment, Trump explicitly explains that he does not include the white supremacists in his remarks. “I’m not talking about the neo-Nazis and white nationalists because they should be condemned totally,” he said.

Nevertheless, the lie persisted, with CNN leading the charge. Now, when that video is shown on many sites, the portion where Trump specifically excludes Neo-Nazis is edited out. You can still find it online, but most people are not even aware that such footage exists and are unlikely to check the veracity of the media’s claims. Of course, this is by design, and there have been few on the left who have been willing to admit that the whole story was a lie.


To his credit, Steve Cortes of CNN published a piece in RealClearPolitics admitting that CNN deliberately misled the public to make the president look like a racist. But again, the progressive media establishment skillfully obfuscated the president’s word in a way that almost guarantees that the majority of Americans both on the left and the right will still believe that Trump called Nazis “fine people.”

Now, the opposition media is attempting to strike propaganda gold again by resurrecting one of their failed hoaxes. Remember last year when Trump called members of the MS-13 street gang “animals?” Perhaps you recall how the progressive left tried to convince the public that his “animal” comments were directed at all illegal immigrants. Despite the hoax’s dismal failure, they’re dusting it off and trying to have another go at it.

Last Friday, journalist Mark Elliot tweeted the video of Trump making the comments last year with the caption: “@realDonaldTrump on people asking for asylum ‘These aren’t people. These are animals.’” The tweet went viral, and now we’re all talking about how Trump thinks illegal immigrants are animals again.

The left is doing exactly what they did with the “fine people” hoax; repeating the lie over and over again while editing the video to change the context of the president’s comments. By spreading the falsehood along with the doctored video, they hope to influence millions of people on social media. It’s also probable that networks like CNN, ABC, MSNBC, and the rest of the gang will use their platforms in a similar fashion.


Let’s be clear: The left is doing this because they NEED to mislead the public. Currently, the Democratic Party is going through the process of selecting their presidential nominee – and if the field of candidates is any indication, it’s highly likely that they will put up a nominee who is too far to the left to be considered mainstream enough to defeat Trump. Moreover, their TDS-induced antics have turned off a large number of Americans who might otherwise support them. Pushing deceptive stories is a way to make Trump look worse than they are – and if successful, they can become a powerful weapon.

Make no mistake, the “fine people” hoax was probably the most successful fake news attack against the president, and it caused no small amount of political damage to the president. Indeed, it’s still referenced as fact by many even on the right, and it is only recently that some have attempted to set the record straight. It was an insidious tactic – but it was also highly persuasive, and there is no doubt that progressive media knows this.

Since the Democrats are more likely to nominate a far-left candidate, they need to use any means at their disposal to make Trump look like the worst choice. The left knows that if they are going to convince American voters to choose a candidate who espouses socialist policies, they must make Trump look like the embodiment of Satan himself, which means they will pursue every avenue of attack – no matter how dishonest or underhanded – to cast him in an unfavorable light.


The flaw in this strategy is that the left has already been trying and failing to demonize the president for over two years, and it hasn’t worked as often as they need. Yes, they had a winner with the “fine people” hoax, but there have been too many other instances in which the media’s reporting was debunked, and most people no longer take them seriously. Indeed, studies have revealed that trust in the media has plummeted. In the end, the left’s overall strategy has been ineffective, and it will continue to be. The only hope they have of beating Trump is for him to self-destruct. Otherwise, he is almost certain to win four more years.


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