The Media Are Objective. And This ABC Reporter's Tweet May Leave You Needing a Shower.

Remember the media’s rush to immediately call out “lies” after last week’s Republican National Convention speeches? Compare the scrutiny (and repetition of Obama campaign tweets and emails) given last week with this tweet from ABC News’s Senior Washington Editor, posted during former president Bill Clinton’s DNC address:

Is there any question why the absurd claim of media “objectivity” is being treated more and more like the badly-delivered joke it is by the American public?

As noted here earlier this week, several media figures have been griping about how frustrating it is to cover the 2012 campaign when their ability to “change the conversation,” or control the narrative and flow of information, is being compromised by alternative media. It is also being compromised by the MSM’s continued insistence on claiming to be both objective and impartial arbiters of truth, when the evidence before Americans’ very eyes screams otherwise.

This morning, Erick posted a thought-provoking discussion of the Democrat–Media “feedback loop.” As he noted:

The Democrats and most of the mainstream media live in a symbiotic relationship and feedback loop. When Todd Akin says something dumb, the media seizes on it and attacks Todd Akin and the GOP. For the past several weeks the media has fixated on how out of touch the GOP is, its platform is, and its Presidential candidate is.

At the same time, the media has been largely silent on the Democratic Platform except for yesterday’s ridiculousness. Even then, the media mostly failed to point out that the Obama campaign said it had approved the platform removing God and Jerusalem, while going to great lengths to point out Obama intervened to put them back in.

Meanwhile, the Democrats booed God and his holy city the day after claiming we all belong the government as if it is some sort of Rotary Club.

This becomes the fatal problem for the Democrats — the media reinforces that the Democrats are grounded in reality and connected to America when they are not.

Add to that a media complex that is hell-bent on convincing itself that it is still in touch, relevant, impartial, and in control, and you have a recipe for disaster on both fronts – for the MSM and for the Democratic Party.

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