OPEN THREAD: 'Anti-Americanism + Nuclear Programs = Happy Dictators. Embracing America = Setting Yourself up to be Stabbed in the Back'

Courtesy of The Cold Equations, here is a handy cheat sheet for dictatorial longevity.

Country Prior relations with the US Nuclear weapons program US treatment of country Status of leader
Egypt Allied Not significant Pressured ally to step down Permanent vacation
Libya Moderately warm lately, despite past difficulties Abandoned under US pressure Bombs away Probably on his way out
Syria Strained to hostile Not a lot of info, probably has some program Mild economic sanctions Life is sweet
Iran “America is the Great Satan” Probably going to join the nuclear club soon Ineffectual, intermittent saber-rattling Happy as a clam
North Korea Hostile Has some nukes, ICBMs are in the works Ineffectual sanctions, endless talks, unkind portrayal in 2004 movie “Team America: World Police” You know what sucks about being Kim Il-Jong? Nothing.

Also via TCF, North Korea is pointing to the US/NATO/al Qaeda action in Libya as a reason why it will never, ever, ever give up its nuclear weapons or reduce the size of its million-man army of Lilliputians. How’s that for a proliferation-prevention FAIL?

Let’s make this an Open Thread.


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