Politico-Sized Gaffe: Enlightened Liberal Andy Barr says Mexico isn't 'in America'

It seems geography isn’t Andy Barr’s strong suit – nor is actual reporting.

When covering Texas Governor Rick Perry‘s (R) “sit down with reporters on Monday,” Barr reported that “the Texas governor incorrectly identified Juarez — located across the Rio Grande, and border, from El Paso — as ‘the most dangerous city in America.'”


“After an aide informed the governor of his mistake,” Barr concluded, and “Perry clarified that Juarez indeed belongs to Mexico, not Texas.”

Of course, what Perry said is completely accurate, despite Barr’s own idiotic reporting and embarrassing lack of geographic knowledge.  As even Andy Barr should be able to see from the clearly labeled map below, Mexico is, in fact, “in America.” This, of course, is exactly what Perry said, according to Barr’s own cited quotes.  Nowhere does Barr relate that Perry declared Juarez to be “the most dangerous city in Texas,” which his hackish and geographically challenged reporting suggests the Republican governor actually said.  In other words, unless he has data to prove that another city in America is more dangerous than Juarez, Andy Barr is an utter fool.

In fact, the only problem I see here is that Gov. Perry actually corrected an already correct statement, an act which gave the appearance of enough uncertainty that blithering idiots in the audience like Andy Barr were able to convince themselves, in turn, that Perry had said something wrong.

The Left and the media’s (but I repeat myself) air of educational and informational superiority is well known, and has been on full display for some time now, particularly when it comes to trumpeting supposed debunkings of conservatives’ statements. Do you remember Sarah Palin’s declaration to Tea Party faithful that they should wait until after the 2010 elections to “party like it’s 1773” – a reference to, you know, the actual date of the actual Boston Tea Party? Do you remember the Left’s reaction to her statement – including that of presidential debate moderator (and author of a book which literarily fellated the “transformational” 57-state president Barack Obama) Gwen Ifill?


Naturally, such a historically accurate statement as Palin’s “1773” declaration was met with the same smug reaction as Perry’s statement that Juarez, Mexico is “the most dangerous city in America.”  Palin, though, didn’t second-guess herself about the date of the tea party, despite the educated left’s uproar over her statement.  Should he find himself in a similar situation again, I would hope Perry too would refrain from showing uncertainty about a statement which is true on its own merits, as allowing the follow-me media to see doubt simply feeds into their preconceived notions about Republicans’ constant state of wrongness on each and every issue.


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