Are Democrats Dumb Enough To Go After the NRA Again?

It wasn’t too long ago that Democrat Kathleen Rice criticized party leadership and said it was time for Nancy Pelosi to go. She, along with other members of the Democratic Party like Tim Ryan of Ohio believe Pelosi and others in leadership are functioning in a way that will cost them wins.

So to see Rice send out this absurd tweet is good news for the GOP:

Before I get into the absurdity of her statement, let’s examine the political implications of this effort. Democrats and the media attempt as much as possible to make the NRA appear as if they’re a dangerous paramilitary organization. They focus on ads and mailings the NRA sends out, and while one can quibble over whether such efforts are prudent, particularly in an instant news environment, most people don’t tune into what the NRA is doing, nor are they overly concerned about the NRA.

Rice is pulling an old trick from the Democrat’s magic hat, and it doesn’t work anymore. After the horror of the Newtown massacre, Congress attempted to pass new gun legislation (none which was relevant to the shooting), and it failed. Gun control advocates and even some Republicans were apoplectic. Background checks for private sales (what supporters claim closes the non-existent gun show loophole) was a centerpiece of the legislation. Critics made a lot of noise saying the measure had 90% support among the public and those opposing the bill would pay dearly in the 2014 elections as a result.

They did not. It was a lesson to all those who equate poll results with desirable action on the part of voters. Poll voters on the question, “Do you want to pay less in taxes?” and you’ll likely find that same 90%. Does it mean people will be knocking down doors and clogging phone lines to get their representatives to support it? Not at all.

From a political standpoint, unless Rice thinks it will help in her district, it’s not a national winner.

As for the substance of her tweet, Rice is off her rocker. The first time I can remember when Democrats tried to frame the NRA as a sinister group was after the Oklahoma City bombing. The media was in a frenzy over militia groups, attempting to convince the nation, they were a serious threat. Gun control advocates and Democrats tried linking the NRA to militia groups who they tried to link to Timothy McVeigh and naturally, to the act of terror he committed.

Democrats have tried ever since. In the age of social media, it takes about 30 seconds after reports of a mass shooting surface for some balloon head to blame the NRA. And not just some random idiot either. It is usually a prominent politician, celebrity or political talking head.

The only aspect of the mass shootings in question that’s common is they’re never carried out by a member of the NRA.

This is where Rice’s idiotic statement about a security threat is one of the dumber things said by a politician in a long time. The NRA held their annual convention in Atlanta this year, and you would be hard pressed to find a safer place to be than among the gun owners, many of whom were carrying firearms.

Does anybody think Representative Rice would take a stroll in the West Englewood neighborhood of Chicago anytime soon? After all, it’s Chicago. They have some of the strongest gun laws in the nation. She should be perfectly safe. I can guarantee she likely wouldn’t run into any members of the NRA and if they’re such a security threat, no problem then, right?

Or perhaps Rice can ask the mothers and fathers of those who’ve lost loved ones on the streets of Chicago to violence what they think of the NRA. I have a strong sense they’re not going to care about the NRA all that much either.

But you go with that Ms. Rice. See how it works out.

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