Trump: Why Didn't Obama Do Anything About Something I Said Never Existed?

Donald Trump denied on more than one occasion that the Russians attempted to meddle in the 2016 election even as late as a few days ago. Once the story broke in The Washington Post about Obama’s lack of a response to the meddling, President Trump took on a whole new outlook.

Going back over 2016, Donald Trump denied Russian involvement in election interference on a number of occasions:

September 2016During the first presidential debate, Trump made his first public denial.

October 2016During the second presidential debate, Trump suggested there was no hacking at all and why Russia was blamed.

December 2016After the election, Trump rejected a CIA assessment that said Russia intervened in the election in the hopes he’d win. “I don’t believe it.”

December 2016Trump’s transition team dumped on the CIA pointing to their assessment that Iraq possessed weapons of mass destruction

It wasn’t until the DNI released a report that said the NSA, CIA, and FBI all agreed that Russia meddled in the election that Trump was forced to acknowledge the obvious.

That didn’t stop Trump from occasionally tweeting it was all a “hoax” or “made up.”

All of that suddenly changed when the Washington Post released their story revealing President Obama didn’t take action against Russia because he was concerned about the political impact.

Trump tweeted the following in response:

What meddling, Mr. President? A day earlier he was still calling it a hoax:

I am sure the President’s loyal followers will claim he is engaged in another brilliant scheme to throw his accusers off base when in reality he doesn’t think. He reacts. When asked about his sudden turnabout, he’ll likely deny the interference again but say if it happened, Obama should have done something.

In other words, it will be a day that ends in ‘y.’

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