SNL Hilariously Parodies Scarborough/Brzezinski 'Morning Joe' Romance

Chances are, the Saturday Night Live cold open came across as unfunny to some viewers. That’s likely due to the fact they did not know who the cast was mocking. ‘Morning Joe’ viewers are people like us (Yes, I am sure some of you will tell me you don’t watch it but you know you did watch it at some point!) – political writers and political junkies. The average SNL viewer likely has no idea who Joe Scarborough and Mika Brzezinski are, let alone know about their engagement.


That doesn’t mean the cold open wasn’t funny because it was hysterical. Kate McKinnon gets major props for her portrayal of Mika. She nails down her mannerisms, facial expressions and Mika’s tendency to say what’s on her mind while others on the show are talking.

Check it out:

My guess is, Joe and Mika will be good sports about it. The question is whether or not they actually air the clip on ‘Morning Joe.’


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