Did President Trump Just Threaten a Government Shutdown?

It’s bad enough there is a garbage budget bill getting passed that will fund the government through September. It’s a stop-gap measure and includes no border wall funding, no cuts to Planned Parenthood, etc. It’s almost as if Democrats are still in charge.


To make matters worse, Donald Trump tweeted the following:

Not only is Trump advocating for a government shutdown, but it also appears he’s advocating for the legislative nuclear option.

Naturally, this is another instance of Trump just tweeting without thinking. His defenders will claim it’s an example of 98,585-dimensional chess and he’s brilliant for sticking it to the “establishment.”

If he wants a shutdown, why not just veto the current budget bill under consideration? Because Trump is all talk, that’s why. Trump’s tweet is another example of his bluster, not his brilliance.


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