Trump Calling Warren 'Pocahontas' Is Silly and Juvenile but It Is Not Racist

Donald Trump is famous for using stupid nicknames for political opponents. The public witnessed him referring to Ted Cruz as ‘Lyin Ted,’ Marco Rubio as ‘Little Marco,’ Jeb Bush as ‘Low Energy Jeb,’ and Hillary Clinton as ‘Crooked Hillary.’ His base of support, for whatever reason, loved it. I suppose it was another occasion of him “telling it like it is.”


One nickname Trump is not responsible for, and one he keeps screwing up is, “Fauxcahontis.” It’s a nickname earned by Senator Elizabeth Warren after it was revealed she listed herself as a “minority law teacher” under Native American when she was teaching at the University of Pennsylvania. Harvard Law School once promoted her as Native American faculty member.

There’s only one problem: Warren never provided evidence of being Native American. 

To be considered Native American is not as simple as checking a box. The Tribal Enrollment Process is necessary to be officially recognized as a Native American. Nothing we know suggests Warren attempted to go through this process.

There is a dispute as to whether or not she used that supposed heritage to gain an advantage in hiring at Harvard University but there is little evidence to support, and Elizabeth Warren refuses to release any personnel records related to her employment at Harvard University.

Back to President Trump. Ever the buffoon, Trump calls Warren ‘Pocahontas,’ pretty much screwing up the nickname and therefore, it lacks context. That’s allowing people to say that Trump’s engaging in racism:

It is absurd. It’s the President being childish and messing up a goof on Warren that originated on the internet. It is not racist.


Donald Trump is the President of the United States. It is undignified, uncouth, childish and just plain stupid for him to refer to a sitting United States Senator with such a silly nickname.

But once again, the left, in an attempt to take virtue signaling to nuclear levels uses it as an opportunity to call President Trump a bigot. Elizabeth Warren is the one who touted herself as a “minority.” Doesn’t anybody find that offensive? In fact, is that not more offensive than anything Donald Trump says about her?

For people like Sam Stein, they get to use calling Trump a racist as cover for them to avoid criticism of Warren.

Sam Stein’s twitter feed is noticeably absent of any criticism of Senator Warren. His last tweet on the subject:

It makes one wonder.




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