CNN's Jeff Zucker Says Journalism Is 'Being Threatened' by 'Top Officials' in Government. How Exactly?

It’s fair to say the mainstream media is more diligent in covering Donald Trump than they were Barack Obama. The level of histrionics at times reaches a fever pitch. Still, it’s good to see some news outlets discovering their role in getting their hands dirty to research a story.

That hasn’t stopped the same mainstream media from getting things wrong because they’re so eager to prove Donald Trump is in fact, Beelzebub. The mainstream media laziness allows Trump to bellow about “fake news” more often than not.

Also, when representatives of the mainstream media make claims that do not hold up under scrutiny, it merely provides more ammunition, not only for Trump and his administration but his supporters as well. Jeff Zucker of CNN said the following:

Threatened? In what way? I remember the conniption when Trump said the media is the “enemy” of the American people, but what’s happened since then? Working in this business, I see the media doing the same thing, day in and day out without a hint they’re “threatened” in some way.

Trump’s rhetoric is one thing. But nothing he’s said rises to the level of sifting through AP reporters phone records, surveilling a Fox News reporter, reading his emails and labeling him a conspirator in a federal crime.

All of that occurred under President Obama’s watch. 

The “We’re under attack!” claims made by people in the news media reeks of opportunism. It allows them to claim the mantle of “speaking truth to power” when they do their jobs.

Zucker should take a look at what happens to journalists in Russia when they make Vladimir Putin angry. Journalists in Russia risk their lives. The worst that happens here is Trump will whine about reporters in a tweet.

Get over yourself, Jeff.

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