Donald Trump Antagonizes China in Another Pathetic Attempt at Twitter Diplomacy

Donald Trump cannot help himself, can he? It’s been some time since he behaved stupidly on Twitter and I suppose he was feeling antsy.

So he wakes up on a Tuesday morning and tweets the following:


Saying “North Korea is looking for trouble” is not exactly an earth-shattering revelation. Everybody in the civilized world knows that.

That said, Trump lobbing a verbal grenade at China is foolhardy at best. While we have an adversarial relationship with China, they are also a strategic partner. Shouting at them on Twitter to get their attention on North Korea is foolhardy. Sending veiled threats via Twitter about trade deals is idiotic.

Everybody talks about Steve Bannon being marginalized, but it’s a stunt like this, that without a doubt, comes from him. I imagine Bannon waiting outside Trump’s bedroom and when Trump emerges saying, “Hey boss…..I have an idea.”

It goes back to the idea that Trump is heavily influenced by the last person who has his ear.

And it’s potentially dangerous.




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