CNN Segment On Trump Executive Order Melts Down As Alan Dershowitz Slams Fellow Panelist As A 'Bigot'

On Don Lemon’s show, a panel was discussing Donald Trump’s latest travel ban executive order being blocked by a federal judge. Law professor Alan Dershowitz believes the executive order is constitutional, despite not agreeing with the policy. Former federal prosecutor John Flannery accused Dershowitz of supporting the policy because of the supposed effect it would have on Israel.


It was an odd thing to say and Dershowitz called Flannery out and when he brought up Israel again, Dershowitz lost it. Check it out:

Flannery: Our dear colleague, Alan Dershowitz, I think, hopes that this may secure Israel

Dershowitz: What are you talking about?

Flannery: I think it’s a powerful argument that we’ve established religion in this fashion through this ban that is transparently against Muslims

Dershowitz: You’re lying through your teeth. I never said a word about Israel. When you focus on everything I say about Israel it really raises questions about your own bigotry and biases, so let’s get to the point and just keep your mouth shut

Dershowitz then explained that while he believed the ban was “bad policy” it was constitutional. Then it came back to Israel again:

Dershowitz: What does this have to do with Israel? Why in your bigoted background do you have to bring in Israel to attack me? Your bigotry is showing.

Flannery: I believe that’s the reason you’re taking the position you are.

Dershowitz: You can’t believe anything I say because I’m a Jew and a Zionist? For shame on you sir. I never want to be on the show with this bigot again!


At that point, Lemon jumped in to try and bring some calm back to the segment.



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