Will GOP Leaders Realize Trump Will Never Accept Blame For Obamacare Replacement Failure?

The Republican Party is hurtling towards a head-on collision on the issue of replacing Obamacare. Several Senators are warning the bill making its way through the House will not get passed by the Senate. That remains to be seen, but as it currently stands, Senators Rand Paul, Tom Cotton, and Mike Lee are opposed because they don’t believe the bill goes far enough and does nothing about costs. Several other Senators, including Cory Gardner and Rob Portman, think the bill goes too far.

Then there is President Trump. By default, he is the leader of the party. It’s due in large part to his rhetoric on the campaign trail the GOP is in this current mess. House and Senate leaders at the very least, promised a repeal of the Affordable CareAct, followed by some replacement.

Repeal. Then replace. 

Trump promised “repeal and replace” promising something better than Obamacare. The GOP is stuck for now with the bill they have, and it’s a mess. Now, as Andrea points out, Trump is making things even worse:

Trump told the room, including media, at the White House on Monday that he tells “[Health and Human Services Secretary, Tom] Price, [House Speaker, Paul] Ryan that the best thing  you could do is wait a year, because [Obamacare] is going to blow itself off the map.”

Of course, the president did add that doing so is “the wrong thing to do.”

How in the world does this make any sense? If the best thing to do is ‘A’ how can ‘A’ then be the “wrong thing to do”? This looks very much like a scenario where Trump wants to leave himself an out.

Remember, Trump is similar to Steve Jobs in that they both have this reality distortion field. Jobs used it in a way where he could tell somebody a project could get done in six months when the team would need a year. Trump’s distortion field works in reverse in that he can convince people he saw something or said something he didn’t see or say.

He saw “thousands and thousands of Muslims celebrating in New Jersey about the 9/11 attacks. He didn’t. He said he was opposed to the Iraq War “from the beginning.” He wasn’t. He said met Putin and then says he never Putin and both are true depending on the context in which he is asked.

A year from now, if the Obamacare replacement fails, watch for Trump to say, “I told Price and Ryan the best thing to do was wait! Did they listen to me? No!” He’ll conveniently leave out the rest of what he said and pretend he never said it.

President Trump will never accept the blame for any failure. Buck-passing is an art in Washington D.C. and Trump does it better than anybody. The problem is, it will be to the detriment of the GOP but Trump couldn’t care less.






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