If Obamacare Replace Fails, Trump Said He'd Blame Democrats: He Will Blame Republicans, Too

Whether he loves it or not, chaos will be the order of the day when it comes to replacing Obamacare. Trump’s penchant for being impetuous and influenced heavily by the last group of people meeting with him, will result in headaches for legislators. Press reports will say he’s “open” to one change or another and it will create a mess. It’s already a chaotic scene, and it only promises to get worse.


As Andrea wrote on March 9, Donald Trump told Congressional leaders that if Obamacare replace doesn’t make it; he’ll blame Democrats. However, Trump warned conservative groups they were working for “the other side” by criticizing the current bill, and it was reported today Trump told the GOP whip team if they didn’t get the votes, he’d support primary challenges against them. Make no mistake, if Obamacare replace fails, Donald Trump will lay waste to Congress, and his target will not just be Democrats. He will go after Republicans and likely more harshly than he will Democrats.

The reason for his is simple: Donald Trump has no ideological compass or core belief system. Trump is not a conservative for sure, and he’s barely a Republican. Sure he chose Betsy DeVos to head the Department of Education and nominated Neil Gorsuch for the Supreme Court. People will argue if Hillary were President, there wouldn’t be a debate about replacing Obamacare and that is all true, but it’s also irrelevant. Trump is going to have failures as President as all Presidents do. It’s accepted, but for Trump, that won’t be good enough.


Trump only cares about winning. If you listened carefully to him during his campaign, all he ever spoke of was how the United States was no longer “winning.” The military wasn’t winning; the economy wasn’t winning, manufacturing was not winning, trade wasn’t winning, etc. I nearly expected Charlie Sheen to show up at rallies to yell, “Winning!” to introduce Trump.

Trump equates failure with being a “loser.” The fact is, everybody fails. Trump has a list of failed ventures to go along with his bankruptcies (that he laughingly frames as a “win”) but he hates having to talk about it or say anything about it. He will see having no bill to sign as a loss, but he won’t take the blame for it. A recent example was the Yemen raid that resulted in the death of Navy SEAL Ryan Owens. Trump signed off on the mission but tried to pass the buck to Barack Obama for the blame. If Owens did not perish, Trump would have thumped his chest and used it as an example of the military finally getting a “win.”

The lack of an ideological core is one of the reasons I said in December of 2015 I could not vote for him if he became the Republican nominee. For me, it goes beyond winning. It’s important to believe in something. It’s one thing to compromise to gain wins. People who treat politics as an all or nothing endeavor will never be happy with the decisions made by political leaders. However, there is a significant difference between a political compromise and ignoring your ideological core to gain a cheap “win.”


Since Trump only sees politics through the lens of winning or losing, he will attack Republicans just as much, if not more, than Democrats.


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