Remember The Keystone Pipeline? It Won't Use U.S. Steel as We Were Told

Promises, promises. It wasn’t a bad pledge to make but one that should have been thought through. President Trump said the Keystone Pipeline would be built and built with US steel. Apparently, that is not the case.


From The Wall Street Journal:

The Keystone XL oil pipeline won’t use American steel in its construction, despite what President Donald Trump says.

The language in the directive Mr. Trump issued in January applies to new pipelines or those under repair, said White House spokeswoman Sarah Huckabee Sanders on Friday.

It would be hard to do an about-face on Keystone because it is already under construction and the steel has been acquired, Ms. Sanders said.

There’s nothing wrong with making sure any future pipelines or repairs are made with American steel but President was being somewhat misleading when he told the country the Keystone Pipeline would be built with domestic steel.



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