Father of Illegal Immigrant Murder Victim, Jamiel Shaw, Slams Democrats For Booing Trump On Immigration

On March 2, 2008, Jamiel Shaw II was shot and murdered by an illegal immigrant who was recently released from prison. Instead of being deported, Pedro Espinoza was free to kill Shaw because the non-gang member didn’t respond quickly enough to the question of to which gang he belonged.


Shaw was an athlete, musician and by all accounts, a good student. At the time of his murder, his mother Anita was serving her second tour in Iraq. Shaw had just gotten off the phone with his father, Jamiel Sr. He was three blocks from home.

Donald Trump highlighted Shaw’s story in his address last night, framing the issue of illegal immigration around safety. There were scattered boos among Democrats. Shaw was asked about in on Fox and Friends and here is what he said:

“I just ignore them, like they do me.”

Ouch. Democrats had better learn that stories like these, resonate. So when Nancy Pelosi says something like this….

…it reveals the Democrats cluelessness about what people think on the issue of illegal immigration.


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