Donald Trump Tweet-Slams Democrats On Obamacare Repeal

Donald Trump took to Twitter (Where else?) to hit Democrats over the effort to repeal The Affordable Care Act. Trump and Mike Pene both said repealing Obamacare is a priority for them and so they’re pushing Congressional Republicans to come up with a bill to do just that.


Meanwhile, Trump tweeted this morning to push back against Chuck Schumer and other Democrats who are promising a fight:

In particular ways, Donald Trump does a better job or spreading this message than Congressional Republicans. As I pointed out earlier, language is important when engaging in this fight. He doesn’t go at it with verbiage like “free market solution.” He says “less expensive and far better” which is messaging to which most people can relate.


It’s going to be interesting as this debate moves forward after January 20th, how much of it will be driven by Trump’s tweets — which at that point will be under the @POTUS account.


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